ELEX Guide: How to Solve the Nightly Business Puzzle

Having trouble figuring out the Nightly Business puzzle? Check this guide for the solution!

You'll often encounter quests in ELEX that require you to complete sub-quests in order to fully complete the main quest. Nightly Business is one such sub-quest and is part of the Subversive Elements quest in The Hort, the main base of the Clerics.

This guide will walk you through how to trigger the quest and complete each subsequent step contained within.

ELEX: Subversive Elements Quest

The leader of the Clerics, Judicator Reinhold, is the quest giver and can be located inside the Cathedral in The Holt in Ignadon. Simply speak to Reinhold until you see the dialogue option, "I am ready. Give me a task.". He will then ask you to investigate illegal Elex trade within The Holt.

After receiving the quest, go to the administration building and speak with Dietrich. He will give a warrant to search a Cleric camp and offer some insight into the suspects. This triggers The Supplier sub-quest.

ELEX: The Supplier Sub-Quest

This sub-quest tasks you with finding the supplier of the illegal Elex that is being sold in The Holt.

Head to the Castle Ruins of West Ignadon to the south-west of The Hort. At one of the entrances to the castle, you will find a guard named Gerd. Show Gerd the warrant you received from Dietrich and he will let you through.

Now you need to speak to Dirk and Karsten. You'll find Dirk within the main building in the ruins. Showing him the warrant will prompt him to give you the code to his safe (4979), which you can go ahead and search. The search proves fruitless, however, as you'll discover nothing suspicious.

Now speak to Karsten, who can be found walking around the castle. He will also reveal his safe's security code (8195) upon the presentation of the Dietrich's warrant. Karsten's safe can be found in the Cleric camp, and inside you'll find some Outlaw Clothing, proving that Karsten is the culprit supplying the Elex.

Speak to Karsten once again to accuse him of the crime. This conversation can play out in one of two ways -- you can cooperate with Karsten in the illegal trade of Elex or attempt to drive him away, which will result in a fight. However you choose to handle this, return to Dietrich afterwards to complete this sub-quest.

ELEX: Nightly Business Sub-Quest

For this step you'll need to speak with three guards in The Hort -- Pit Guard, Factory Guard, and Xander. They will each give you a surveillance report that they have compiled against the suspects of the illegal Elex trade operation. 

Note: If you asked Xander to let you into the The Hort in the first place, he will force you to return the favor by reporting the suspect, Siegfried, as the culprit. 

Now return to Reinhold to select which of the three suspects you believe is the Elex trader -- Hagen, Siegfried, or Oswald. By reading through the surveillance reports, it is clear that Oswald is the guilty party, as the guard assigned to him was unable to confirm Oswald's whereabouts at night. You can select any of the three suspects to complete the quest and receive 500XP, but choosing correctly will award you with 3000XP and 500 Elexit.

If you chose correctly, you will receive 400 Elexit after returning to speak with Reinhold later on. If you chose wrong however, Reinhold will become angry with you.

Note: If you owed Xander a favor and don't choose Siegfried, traders in The Holt will stop offering certain goods to the player.


That wraps up this guide for solving the Nightly Business puzzle and completing the Subversive Elements quest. Check out our ELEX Review and for more guides on this game, check out our ELEX Guides!

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Published Oct. 31st 2017

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