How to Find and Use Idium, Idium Crystals, and Other Resources in Full of Stars

Are you confused by all the different resources in Full of Stars, like Idium and Idium Crystals, and how to track your progress? Say no more!

Full of Stars is the addicting iOS space flight game that no one can put down, and it only launched a few weeks ago. Whether you're someone who's gotten into the game or someone who's just downloading it right now, you need to know all the various resources that you'll be working with. 

In this guide, we'll be going over:

  • Resources obtained during flight
  • Resources viewed on the menu screen between flights
  • Resources obtained by in-app purchases

Full of Stars: Resources Collected During Flight

These resources can be found and obtained while your ship is traveling from one destination to another. Simply fly your ship into the resource to collect it.


Originates from the Rift. Use this white idium to upgrade your ship, recharge your core, and make decisions along the way. This resource can build up fast, but you'll still want to keep a lot on hand. You never know when you might need it.

Idium Crystals

Rare form of idium. They’re galactic currency. They're green, while regular idium is white. After your first crash in flight, spend 5 of these (or view a 30-second advertisement with no resource cost to you) to advance. To continue after your second crash, spend 10.

When you start the game, you’ll begin with only 40. Spend them wisely!

Blue-Green Crystals

During flight, sometimes idium clusters combine to form a blue-green crystal. Other times, this blue-green crystal already exists for you to pick up. This resource appears to be worth about 10 idium, adding that amount to your total idium when collected.

Purple Crystals

Fly into this crystal during flight to gain a powerful shield. For several seconds, get all resources pulled toward you to collect.

Other Resources Used to Track Your Progress in Full of Stars

These can be tracked on the menu page between flights. 

Leadership Points

Earned from completing flight challenges when traveling to one destination from another. If you're not the best space captain, it may be harder for you to complete these challenges and earn these points, so use them wisely.

They are spent when you must make difficult decisions on behalf of the ship or crew. Whether you reach your destination or crash beforehand, you’ll face choices where you can spend leadership points. 


Displays the total number of people on your ship vs. maximum number of people who can board your ship. Passengers and crew can be lost along the way due to injury, disease, or other factors.

Since the game’s objective is to save as many as possible, you’ll want to stay on top of upgrading the crew's quarters. You will start with 20 spots for passengers and crew, and can upgrade to 80 -- first using idium and then idium crystals for all new upgrades.

View all your possible ship upgrades by tapping on your ship's icon while on the game's menu page between flights. Tab over to the fourth icon farthest to the right. This is where you can upgrade the crew quarters. 

If you have too many passengers, your ship will be overcrowded. Those inside will incur more injuries after crashes than they would if the ship is at its normal capacity. Sometimes, problems arise simply from being overcrowded, so you’ll want to avoid this issue as much as possible.

Be careful! If you lose all your passengers (yourself included), it’s game over, and you’ll have to restart.

Core Charges

You start with 3 core charges, represented by a blue-green lightning bolt. One charge is used per flight. If you run out of charges, you'll have to wait several minutes before you can fly again. 

At the end of a successful flight, your ship will travel through a mass of resources. Be quick and collect as many as you can before you land!

Obtain Resources by In-App Purchases

There are other ways to get Full of Stars resources… app purchases!

To view the in-app purchases menu, press the plus sign next to your total number of idium crystals in the top right corner.

  • Pay a minimum of $1.99 for 70 idium crystals. If you’re looking for more, you can get up to 10,000 by paying $59.99.

For 20 free idium crystals, like Full of Stars on Facebook.

  • Supposedly, only clicking this link and following the redirect to the Facebook page may grant the player 20 idium crystals without actually logging in and liking the page on their Facebook account.

If you wish to have a fully charged core all the time, pay $3.99.

If you have a lot of idium crystals but not enough idium, you can get 500, 3000 or 8000 idium by trading 10, 50, or 100 idium crystals, respectively.

Press the Restore button on the bottom right of the menu if you wish to restore any purchases on your device.


There you have it! If you were confused about any of Full of Stars resources before, I hope your confusion is no more.

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