The Last of Us 2 Shotgun Location: How to Get the Pump Shotgun

Unsurprisingly, shotguns are a great option for dealing with infected. This guide shows you where to find the pump shotgun in The Last of Us 2.

Resources are limited in The Last of Us 2. There isn't a ton of ammo to go around, so you'll want to do as much damage as possible with each shot. That's where the pump shotgun comes in handy.

Finding the pump shotgun is completely optional, so you'd have to wander around to find it or accidentally stumble upon it. Instead of traveling aimlessly, follow the guide below to get your hands on it ASAP. You'll be clearing out rooms of infected in no time.

How to Get The Last of Us 2 Pump Shotgun

The Last of Us 2 Pump Shotgun Location

Map of downtown Seattle showing the location of the pump shotgun in The Last of Us 2.

Early on in the story, Ellie and Dina will be roaming around in Seattle together. Once you get past the main gate and take a detour at gate East 2 to find fuel, you're given free rein to explore the downtown area as you see fit.

To find the pump shotgun, you'll want to head south/southwest, to the bottom of the map. The shotgun is located inside the Westlake Bank on James Street. It's the first building on the street, and it's collapsing, so the entry point looks more like a cave than an actual bank entrance.

Once inside, you'll have to deal with a large number of infected. Clickers and Runners will be standing between you and the shotgun. Ellie even suggests possibly coming back another time, but if you can manage the situation with the supplies you have, the shotgun will be yours now instead of later.

With the infected cleared, you're free to scavenge, so head to the banks' vault at the back of the room. Your new shotgun will be waiting inside. But how do you open the vault? 

How to Open the Bank Vault

The pump shotgun will be propped against a corpse in the Westlake Bank vault.

As it turns out, the infected inside the bank were actually bank robbers that decided to pull off a heist inside the Westlake Bank on Outbreak Day. They left notes and plans on how to get inside the vault that you can find if you search the area.

If you can't find the notes that they left behind, simply enter the code 602306 in order to claim your prize. The shotgun will be propped up on a corpse right in front of you as you enter.

Be careful on your way out though: more infected will appear in the bank as you make your way back to the exit. The silver lining? It's the perfect time to try out the pump and see what it can do. 

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That's all you need to know about how to get the pump shotgun in The Last of Us 2. Be sure to check back in with us for more grips, tricks, and strategy guides for TLoU2


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Published Jul. 2nd 2020

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