The Last of Us 2 Soda Can Code: How to Open the Door in the Tunnels

Here's how to find the soda can code in The Last of Us 2, as well as the code's final two numbers.

The Last of Us 2 soda can code is one of the few passcodes in the game that opens a door. Most other combinations you come across are for the game's many safes.

Though the loot you get by using the soda can code isn't as useful as a healthkit, supplements, or parts, it will still go a long way in helping you kill infected and WLF soldiers, especially when playing TLoU2 on survivor difficulty. 

The Last of Us 2 Soda Can Code

The vending machine with the soda can code in The Last of Us 2.

If you're just here for the code, let's not beat around the bush. What is the soda can code? The full code is 15243.

How to Find the Soda Can Code and the Door It Unlocks

Once you enter the Tunnels, which you'll do after you escape the TV station, you'll encounter your first Shamblers. These acid-spewing infected can be a pain in the rear, but a few well-placed headshots with the rifle or close-range shotgun blasts to the upper body should bring them down relatively quickly. 

After defeating them, you'll enter a long corridor with pipes running along the left wall. Eventually, you'll come to two blue doors on the right side of the hall. Go in the second door.

Take a left and smash the glass of the vending machine to grab the soda can. There's a note on the can with three numbers scrawled on it: 152. Turn around and interact with the door to your left. 

It has a push-button lock with five numbers on it. Since you already have 152, the only remaining options are 4 and 3. Press the buttons in that order to open the door. You'll find a cloth, a canister, shotgun ammo, handgun ammo, and explosives inside.

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