The Last of Us 2 Employee of the Month Safe Code Combination

Here's how to find the first safe in The Last of Us 2, as well as the safe's code combination.

Supplies can be hard to come by in The Last of Us 2. That's why the game's item-filled safes come in handy. The Employee of the Month safe is the first of many you'll come across, though the combination can be a little tricky to find.

Follow the guide below for the location of the safe, and how to open it. If you've already found the safe, you can jump down to the bottom of the guide to get the safe combination.

Employee of the Month Safe Code Combination

Where to Find the Employee of the Month Safe

The first safe location in The Last of Us 2 in the supermarket.

Early on in The Last of Us 2, you'll be tasked with going on patrol with Dina to make sure that the area around the Jackson settlement is safe. Most of the sequence is scripted with little room to explore, but you'll be able to walk around a bit once you enter the supermarket.

As you walk out of the first upstairs room, you'll find an office in plain sight just to your right. The safe can be found inside the office next to a desk with a photo of a dog on it.

Employee of the Month Safe Combination

The employee of the month board showing the code for the first safe.

You'll find a note on that same desk with the dog photo. Pick up the note to gain a clue as to what the code is. The hint is, "the day my good boy got Employee of the Month," obviously made for the dog lovers out there.

Just outside the office (back toward the room you originally came from), there'll be an Employee of the Month board on the right wall. The dog photo will be under July 2013. The month and year that the dog won the award can be put together to form a code.

So, the code to unlock the safe is 072013 (July 2013). Open the safe to collect precious pills and parts to use for upgrades.

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That's all you need to know about where to find the Employee of the Month safe and how to get it open. Most safe codes and combination can be found relatively near the safes they open. For more on TLoU2, check out the links above, or head over to our growing guides page


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Published Jul. 2nd 2020

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