The Last of Us 2 Main Gate Code: Ellie Seattle Day 1

The Last of Us 2 main gate code is the key to making progress in Seattle. Here's how to find the password.

Once you reach Seattle in Naughty Dog's The Last of Us 2, you'll eventually come to the city's quarantine zone (QZ). A large FEDRA gate, marked with the graffiti "WLF: Trespassers Killed on Site," will block the way for Ellie and Dina. Since it's the main gate leading into Seattle's downtown, you'll need to find a way around it. The best part is that the main gate code is easy to find. 

Below, we tell you how to find the code list because it's something you really need to pick up; it includes passwords for other gates in Seattle as well. But we also include the exact passcode you're looking for just in case. If you're just looking for that, scroll down to "What is the Main Gate Code?" section below. 

There are no spoilers for The Last of Us 2 in this guide. 

The Last of Us 2 Main Gate Code: Seattle Day 1

How to Find the Main Gate Code in The Last of Us 2

Throw the yellow cable from the trailer on the left to the one on the right to power the main gate controls.

To find the main gate code, you'll first need to get on the other side of the gate itself. Head to the left of the gate, and have Dina boost you up to the faded yellow ladder there. Now follow the path and jump across to the transformer platform. Turn left and vault over the wall. 

Go left and through the door. You can climb up the ladder for some parts and other goodies, including the Chessmaster trading card. But you'll need to climb down to progress. Once you do that, go out of the door and smash the window of the military trailer in front of you with a brick or melee weapon. 

Climb through the window and turn right. Open the drawer to nab the gate password list, which has all of the codes for Seattle's gates, including the main gate. 

What is the Main Gate Code?

The Last of Us 2 gate code list.

The main gate password is 0512. However, you'll need to jump through a few hoops to get it working. 

How to Open the Main Gate: Seattle Day 1

After grabbing the gate code, exit out of the back of the military trailer and turn right. Follow the path around to the generator, which is also on the right.

Start the generator, and then open the small gate to your left. Now take the yellow cable near the generator and attach it to the larger gate so you can enter the area behind the main gate and access the second military trailer. 

Once that gate is open, disconnect the cable and go back to the generator. Throw the cable over the fence toward the second military trailer. Now connect the cable to the back of the second military trailer. 

Now go inside the second trailer. The gate controls are on the left side. Enter the code, and the gate will open, letting Dina inside. Now you're free to continue toward downtown Seattle. 

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That's all you need to know about the main gate code in The Last of Us 2 during your first day in Seattle. TLoU2 is out now on the PS4. 

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