Divinity: Original Sin Quest Guide - Lost Love at the Lighthouse

Directions on how to help Samson find peace in the lighthouse.

Lost Love at the Lighthouse is one of the earliest quests you receive in Divinity: Original Sin, and deceptively simple if you progress through the game trying to complete other sidequests.

The ghost of the lighthouse, Samson, laments over his decision to sink his wife's ship and hopes to one day have her forgiveness. Your party is the only group brave enough to approach the lighthouse, and you are put to the task of helping Samson find peace.

As with my other Divinity: Original Sin quest or puzzle guides, spoiler markers (---) for those who just need a nudge in the right direction are in key segments of this article. If you feel you've gotten all the information you want or need to progress, do not read past the (---) marker.

Much like Kitty Love, Lost Love at the Lighthouse requires you to complete the quest Crabs Versus Skeletons. If you have done that quest, you can fulfill the requirements. If not, you can either choose to rush to Crabs Versus Skeletons or wait until you've stumbled upon it yourself.


How do you give Samson peace?

You must find his wife, Desdemona, who is located in the very same cave (Black Cove) as both the Crabs Versus Skeletons quest.

If you have Pet Pal and have not accepted the Kitty Love quest, go back to the King Crab Inn before heading to Black Cove and get the quest. You can knock out several birds with one stone in Black Cove if you are diligent with quest grabbing.

Where is Samson's wife?

After completing Crabs Versus Skeletons and grabbing the loot found along the way, you will have a Black Ominous Key. This is used on the Black Ominous Gate found where the fight between orcs and skeleton pirates took place.


You will come across a level 6 boss fight down the path beyond the Black Ominous Gate. After the fight is over, go the area behind the boss's body to find Desdemona's ghost.

Quest completion

Head back to the lighthouse after speaking with Desdemona to complete the quest with Samson.

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