Tap! Tap! Faraway Kingdom extended gameplay guide: What to do after level 500

So, you've got the basics of Tap! Tap! Faraway Kingdoms, but now you're close to level 500, and you're in need of some info on the ominous 'Withdraw' button.

So, here we are. You’ve been diligently keeping tabs on your knight, nourishing your troops and descending, level-by-level, through the terrors and tortures of some endless dungeon all in the name of a sweet, young thing. It’s Tap! Tap! Faraway Kingdom. The way has been long, the road hard, but now — after literally weeks of nurturing, coddling, and most of all, tapping — you’ve finally hit level 500. And it’s time to kick things up to the next level! (Boy, are you in for a surprise.)

Wait, though, before we get there, let’s go back just a bit. Tap! Tap! Faraway Kingdom is game of incremental progress in which you lead a knight through a dungeon with a team cute, little mercenaries at your back. If you’re totally new to Tap! Tap! Faraway Kingdom, check out the beginner’s guide before you read any further. Go on, skedaddle. 

Okay, now that the n00bs are gone, let’s get back to talking ascension. So, you’ve hit level 500 and you’ve gained the ability to Withdraw. Here’s the thing, though, if you went into this expecting some kind of shocking depth to reveal itself once you gained access to level 500, you will be sorely disappointed. If you were expecting this:

… I really hope you didn’t spend too much time or effort getting to this point, because ...  

Here’s What Happens When You Really Withdraw

Essentially, when you Withdraw, the little princess lady who’s sent you on this quest to destroy ugly things of varying shape and stripe pulls you back up to the surface instantaneously. Then, the twerp dismisses all of your hard won mercenaries, strips you of all your power and your gold, and kicks you back into the dungeon at the top level. Anyway, you’ve ascended (and there’s no construction), and you’ve gotten your army stripped, your quest renewed, and you didn’t even get any action off the princess for your troubles.

So, what’s the point of hitting the Withdraw button?

Obviously, Tap! Tap! Faraway Kingdom isn’t just needlessly malicious. Your princess takes all that junk from you and — in exchange — she grants you some relic cubes (which we’ll get to) and tosses you some new gear with which to equip your knight. 

At this point, it’s up to you to tap your way back up to your previous position of standing, with an army of rogues at your back plowing through the forces of evil. Again, we assume they’re evil because they’re unattractive, which may sound unsettling — I mean, what in 2000 years, the Grecian standard of beauty is still all we have? Please. — but that’s a matter for a psychology class. This is a game about tapping your phone.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself … what the heck is a relic cube?

Here’s What the Heck a Relic Cube Is

It’s a little red diamond with a yellow stripe down the middle of it.

A relic cube is also the currency with which you can buy all sorts of neat multipliers, boosts and other random crap. Relic cubes are bestowed upon you by the princess every time you head back to the surface. The amount you’re given is based on your knight's level and how many levels of the dungeon you cleared before you were pulled out. Make no mistake, these fellas are very rare, so use them wisely. 

Your relic cubes can be used to purchase (woah) relics, which have a variety of different effects designed to make your progression a little easier each successive time around. Each one has a silly name like Kitchen Knife of the Greedy and Mace of Aggravation, and each one translates to basic stuff like more damage, more gold, etc. Here’s the complete list of relics you can purchase in the game (thanks, Reddit!).

There’s a catch, though. When you visit the store that offers relics, you can only view four to eight every hour. So, don’t jump the gun here; when I said relic cubes are rarer, I meant it. If you don’t see something you want up for grabs right away, be patient, tap a bit more, and then revisit things at a later date.


Here’s the Cliff’s Notes: When you hit level 500, you gain the ability to Withdraw, which is less an ability and more like a giant semi-reset button on the whole game. You get all your crap taken away and in exchange you get some relic cubes and some new gear before you’re pushed back into the fray to begin your battle anew.



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Published Mar. 23rd 2016

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