Eiyuden Chronicle Rising: How to Get Ebony Pelt

This guide will not only help you get Ebony Pelt in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising but also explain how to find and defeat the Hellhound boss.

Ebony Pelt is a very rare resource in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, but you'll need it as part of the "Fetch Me Some Furs!" quest. This item can be obtained only by killing the Hellhound boss, who resides in Hellhound Lake.

This guide will provide you with tips on how to get Ebony Pelt in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. You will also learn how to start the quest, how to find Hellhound, and how to defeat Hellhound in a battle.

How to Get Ebony Pelt in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Speak to Navia

"Fetch Me Some Furs! quest becomes available during Chapter 6: Trouble in the Quarry of the main campaign. You need to find Navia at the Plaza, New Nevaeh. She will ask you to bring her some Ebony Pelt, so she can make some warm clothing out of it.

This conversation will start the "Fetch Me Some Furs!" quest. It is also recommended to check the Bulletin Board at the Plaza before you leave.

Defeat Hellhound

Hellhound is one of the bosses of the Great Forest area and can be found at Hellhound Lake.

You will encounter this boss on the bridge across the lake. The battle will start automatically as you step onto the bridge. Here are a few essential tips on how to beat Hellhound:

  • Hellhound is a Level 8 boss with 2,000 HP, so be sure to level up before starting this fight.
  • Bring some Critical Balm potions in order to increase your critical hit rate. You can craft Critical Balm at the Apothecary, using the following recipe:
    • 1x Lumber
    • 3x Savorcap
    • 25 Baqua
  • Use Garoo in this fight, if you can, as his sword deals an increased amount of damage to Hellhound.

Once Hellhound is defeated, he will drop Ebony Pelt, which you need to bring back to Navia at the Plaza in order to complete the "Fetch Me Some Furs!" quest.

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