Kingdoms and Castles Achievements Guide

Want to know how to get all of the achievements in Kingdoms and Castles? Well, read on, sire!

Released on July 20, Kingdoms and Castles is an indie city-building simulator developed by indie developers Lion Shield. In Kingdoms and Castles, players must start by building a tiny village that ultimately transforms into an imposing castle and medieval city. Overall, the game features 12 Steam achievements for you to unlock as you progress from tiny hamlet to a powerful fiefdom and beyond.

While some of the achievements are pretty straight forward, some of them are going to need a little more work to complete. So here is our guide to Kingdoms and Castles' achievements.

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Population Achievements for Kingdoms and Castles

Your First Hamlet

This is the first achievement you will get. It comes when you build your first keep. As directed by the in-game tool tips, you will find your Castle Keep under the "Castle" menu tab at the bottom of the screen. Make sure you place your keep in a position that is relatively near resources such as fertile land or woodland to provide you with land to farm and wood for building.

Your First Village

As you start to work on gathering resources, you need to make sure that you also start to build more houses. The first kind of dwelling you get is called a Hovel, which can house up to five citizens. To get this achievement, you need to raise your population to 25+ citizens.

Your First Town

This is similar to the previous Your First Village achievement, but you need to raise your population to 100+ citizens.

Your First City

This is similar to the previous two achievements, but you need to raise your population to 250+ citizens.

The following achievements are also population related Kingdoms and Castles achievements, but are more difficult to obtain:

  • Humble Kingdom
    • Raise your population to 1000+ citizens.
  • Thriving Kingdom
    • Raise your population to 1500+ citizens.
  • Dignified Kingdom
    • Raise your population to 2000+ citizens.
  • Magnificent Kingdom
    • Raise your population to 3500+ citizens.
  • Kingdom of the Gods
    • Raise your population to 5000+ citizens.

To more efficiently increase your population, you need to fully exploit the map:

  • Make sure you are prioritizing very fertile land over fertile land. This yields a higher quantities of food. With higher food production, you will be able to sustain a higher population.

  • You are bound to lose citizens during Viking raids, so you need to have built adequate defenses. Consider having some of your population behind city walls and make sure you have enough Archers and Ballista Towers, a large enough army, or enough Turrets to see off any threats.

  • If you find yourself running out of space to build housing, don't worry. Later on in the game you get the option to build piers. These piers can support buildings, so they also make for great housing. Just be aware that they will be easy targets for Vikings.

  • A great way for draw people into your city is to hold festivals in your Town Square. Prior to holding a festival, make sure you have enough housing to accommodate any visitors who decide to stay. Multiple town squares mean multiple festivals -- which will hopefully make people stay.

Combat Based Achievements in Kingdoms and Castles

Slayer of Dragons

While you've been worrying about whether or not Vikings are going to invade your city, you might have forgotten that Dragons also exist in the land of Kingdoms and Castles. You will need to make sure that you have adequate Archers and Ballista Towers to stave off these flying menaces. You will get the Slayer of Dragons achievement when you kill a Dragon with an Archer or Ballista.

Slayer of Ogres

As if the Vikings and Dragons weren't enough, you also have to protect yourself against giant Ogres! These units will easily bash through your walls and towers if they aren't stopped quick enough. You will earn the Slayer of Ogres achievement by killing an Ogre with your Army or a Turret.

Miscellaneous Achievements in Kingdoms and Castles

Tower of Babel

Do you know what the Tower of Babel supposedly was? It was a great tower in the Bible that was apparently the birthplace of all world languages. It reached up to the heavens.

But no, there isn't an actual building in Kingdoms and Castles called the Tower of Babel. This achievement simply means that you need to build an incredibly tall tower in your city. You do this by building Castle Walls one on top of another. 

We hope that you find this guide on how to get all the achievements in Kingdoms and Castles useful. Make sure to check out our other Kingdoms and Castles guides!


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Published Jul. 30th 2017

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