How to Tax in Kingdoms and Castles

You need to get money from somewhere -- and that somewhere is your citizens. So tax 'em!

Every city building sim has an element of economics brewed into it, and Kingdoms and Castles is no different. Even though we are building a medieval city with towering defensive walls and imposing castles, money for the upkeep of these monoliths and money to further future development is still needed. This is where Taxes play their part in Kingdoms and Castles.

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OK. So, you've built up your city as far as you can using the "free" buildings during the initial part of the game. These are your houses, bakeries, barns, windmills, etc. They all cost zero gold to build, but early on, your residents will start suggesting that you build things like Churches. These require gold to build and the primary way to get said gold it through taxing your citizens. To be able to tax in Kingdoms and Castles, you need to upgrade your castle.

How to Upgrade Your Castle in Kingdoms and Castles

Upgrading your castle doesn't necessarily mean building on your existing castle, although that does happen in due course. Instead, upgrading your castle means affixing add-ons onto your castle. As you place an upgrade in your city, your castle also gets bigger.

If you look at your building menu tabs at the bottom of the screen, you will see the Castle Tab. This tab holds all the buildings associated with constructing, upgrading, and maintaining your Castle Keep. There are options in there for buildings such as the Chamber of War, Ballista Towers, and a Great Hall, but to start taxing your citizens, you are going to need to build a Throne Room.

The Throne Room costs 10 Wood and 50 Stone to build.

How to Start Taxing Citizens in Kingdoms and Castles

For once, Kingdoms and Castles makes Taxes in a game very easy to set up and monitor. All you need to do is click on your Throne Room and change the rate at which you want to tax your citizens. To start off with, 1 gold will suffice -- that is until you reach a point where your population has really grown and you need to start gearing up for impending Viking invasions.

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You will, however, need to be careful as to how much you tax your citizens because each gold you impose will have a negative effect on how happy your citizens are. You'll need to balance out the amount of tax you take compared with what you are building for your citizenry. Essentially, they will need to see where their taxes are going to be OK with it.

Once you have your gold taxing under control, you will be able to afford to build bigger and better buildings for your city, including all kinds of city-wide defenses.

We hope that you find this mini guide on how to set up taxes in Kingdoms and Castles useful. Make sure to check out our other Kingdoms and Castles guides


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Published Jul. 30th 2017

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