PUBG Not Authorized Xbox One Error Explained

Can't login to PUBG no matter how many times you shut down the game and load it back up? The "Not Authorized" 2019 error is a server problem that doesn't have many workarounds at the moment.

While the always-online digital revolution has brought a host of new multiplayer experiences to console players, needing to connect to a server to start a match comes with its own problems. If you've seen the infamous "Not Authorized" 2019 PUBG error on the Xbox One, then the limitations of modern battle royale titles become more apparent.

Unfortunately, the Not Authorized Xbox One error isn't actually an issue with your PUBG account or anything on your console, so there's not much to be done. Uninstalling and reinstalling won't solve the issue, and neither will creating a new account.

The problem seems to happen more often around holidays and during the summer, prime times when higher numbers of players are connecting simultaneously, which indicates its simply an issue of server overload or a straight up outage.

Some players are occasionally able to connect to a different server by fully powering off their Xbox One and then turning it back on. Note that for this to have any chance of working, you need to complete the full shutdown process through the main menu, instead of just going into the typical low power mode by pressing the power button on the front of the console.

If restarting your console doesn't resolve the issue, check the Playerunknown's Battlegrounds outage map and the down detector page for the Xbox Live service. It's good bet you'll see your area of the world lit up with outage reports. 

In those cases, there's nothing to do but wait and submit a report to Xbox so they can see the issue and work to resolve it.

If it's any consolation to PUBG players who can't get into the game right now, battle royale rival Fortnite has been experiencing a similar problem on the Xbox One lately.

To see the latest updates on the current server status and info on potential workarounds or estimated time frames for resolutions to the problem, be sure to check the Xbox Support twitter page.

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Published Sep. 3rd 2019

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