Sons of the Forest: How to Build Stairs

How to build stairs in Sons of the Forest so you can have an elevated shelter in your base.

You can build all sorts of shelters of your own design in Sons of the Forest, but it's a labor-intensive process to get together the logs to build the floors, roof, and other components. Not every base needs stairs, but chances are you're going to want them and you need to know how to build stairs before you can start adding them to your shelter.

How to Make Stairs in Sons of the Forest

Stairs are made without guidance, but the process requires only your axe and some logs.

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Once you’ve gathered logs, place one on the ground using the dotted lines for guidance. Then, when you’re placing the second log, you’re able to use the line on the ground to judge the proper distance.

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Next, connect the tops of the two logs with a third log.

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From here, you’ll add two logs that are slanted on each side to complete the frame of the stairs.

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All that’s left is to add planks to the frame to finish the stairs.

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Now, you’re one step closer to having a shelter in Sons of the Forest, which can provide protection during attacks from enemies. We have other Sons of the Forest guides that can help you build your camp such as how to make a fire or how to build a door, so check them out for more information.

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Published Mar. 3rd 2023

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