Yakuza 5 guide - Kamurocho coin locker key locations map

Find the coin locker keys in Kamurocho using this map guide.

It's time to look for those coin locker keys in Kamurocho! Just like hunting them down in Sotenbori, you're in for a lot of walking and looking around in first-person mode.

Yakuza 5 has a lot of stuff to do, and finding the coin locker keys definitely ranks among the least interesting activities to take part in. Luckily the payoff is pretty nice, and you can net some exclusive items just by grabbing up the keys and unlocking the lockers.

Below is a map of Kamurocho with each key's location marked. Below that is a list of the keys' locations with short descriptions to make finding them a little easier. This is especially the case with coin locker keys that aren't just laying on the ground.

Kamurocho's keys can be more difficult to find than Sotenbori's. Keep an eye out, and good luck.


  • A1 - On the ground near a Christmas tree
  • A2 - On the floor inside Kyushu No. 1 Ramen
  • A3 - Inside the Yoshida Batting Center
  • A4* - Above a picture in Cuez bar (Unpictured) (Press R3)
  • A5 - On the ground
  • B1 - On the ground
  • B2 - On the ground
  • B3 - Above a vent overhead (Press R3)
  • B4 - Above a shelf inside Bantam (Press R3)
  • B5 - On the floor inside Alps
  • C1 - On an electrical box (Press R3)
  • C2 - On the ground
  • C3 - Under a sign overhead (Press R3)
  • C4 - On the ground
  • C5 - Up on a ledge overhead (Press R3)
  • D1 - On the floor in the gambling hall
  • D2 - On an awning overhead (Press R3)
  • D3 - Under an umbrella indoors
  • D4 - On the ground
  • D5 - On the ground
  • E1 - Inside Orchid Palace Mahjong Parlor
  • E2 - Near the ceiling in the IF8 room under the theater (Press R3)
  • E3 - Behind/under the stairway (Press R3)
  • E4 - On a wall (Press R3)
  • E5 - On the ground
  • F1* - (Unpictured) Can be found on a stack of palettes at the docks
  • F2 - On the ground inside Ebisu Pawn
  • F3 - On the ground
  • F4 - Under a bowling ball holder
  • F5 - On the ground
  • G1 - On the ground
  • G2 - Near the trophy inside Shoten (Press R3)
  • G3 - On the ground near the guy fishing in the sewer
  • G4 - On the ground
  • G5 - Above a door (Press R3)
  • H1 - On the ground
  • H2 - On the ground
  • H3 - On the ground
  • H4 - On the ground
  • H5 - On the ground
  • I1 - In a vent overhead (Press R3)
  • I2 - On a pole in Children's Park (Press R3)
  • I3 - On the ground
  • I4 - On some wires above ground (Press R3)
  • I5 - On a sign overhead (Press R3)
  • J1 - On the ceiling as you enter the sewers (Press R3)
  • J2 - On the floor inside Earth Angel
  • J3 - On the ground
  • J4 - On a stairway (Press R3)
  • J5 - On the ground

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