Yakuza 5 guide - Soutenbori coin locker key locations map

Find the coin locker keys in Soutenbori using this map guide.

Collecting coin locker keys is a time-honored Yakuza tradition, and you've got to keep it going if you want to somehow 100% this massive game. Yakuza 5 is nothing if not a huge side-goal timesink.

There are several coin locker keys to be found in Soutenbori and Kamurocho. This guide covers the Soutenbori keys, which can be collected by Haruka and Akiyama.

Many of the keys aren't just lying on the ground -- you have to do some searching for them. If you see a glimmer that's out of reach, press the R3 button to enter first person mode to get a good look and grab it.

Each locker you open nets you an item. Those aren't listed here (for those of you who want what's inside to be a surprise), but they can range from simple things like Bronze Plates and Stamina Sparks all the way to Steel Tonfas and Leech Gloves. They are definitely worth the effort if you're a true yakuza.. or Haruka.

Both Haruka and Akiyama can get every key except one: Haruka cannot get G2 because she cannot enter Sunrise. You will have to grab this one with Akiyama.

This map notes the locations of each key in Soutenbori. Each set (A, B, C, etc.) is in a different color to make it easier to navigate. The coin lockers are marked with a red circle on the map.

Each key is listed below the map with simple directions to find them. Many will require you to use the R3 function, so keep an eye out for those hanging out above eye-level.

Yakuza 5 coinlockers

  • A1 - On the ground outside the Don Quijote entrance
  • A2 - Above an awning (Press R3)
  • A3 - On the ground in the middle of the bridge
  • A4 - On the floor in front of the bookstore doors
  • A5 - On the roof
  • B1 - On top of a shrine (Press R3)
  • B2 - On the ground outside Daikoku Drugs
  • B3 - Inside East M
  • B4 - On the ground
  • B5 - Look up across from the alleyway (Press R3)
  • C1 - On the ground under Iwao Bridge
  • C2 - On a lantern at a restaurant (Press R3)
  • C3 - On a ledge overhead (Press R3)
  • C4 - On an air conditioner overhead (Press R3)
  • C5 - On an air conditioner overhead (Press R3)
  • D1 - In the Suntory vending machine change slot (Press R3)
  • D2 - On top of a sign outside (Press R3)
  • D3 - On the ground outside the Don Quijote entrance
  • D4 - On a ledge outside Yokobori Golf (Press R3)
  • D5 - On the ground under the steps (Press R3)
  • E1 - On the ground
  • E2 - On the ground
  • E3 - On a post overhead (Press R3)
  • E4 - On a sign next to the taxi (Press R3)
  • E5 - On the wall of the bridge
  • F1 - Under the bridge, accessed by the southern side (Press R3)
  • F2 - On the ground
  • F3 - On the ground
  • F4 - On the ground
  • F5 - In a changing room
  • G1 - Inside an umbrella (Press R3)
  • G2 - On the floor of Sunrise
  • G3 - Behind a tarp overhead (Press R3)
  • G4 - In a vent on the 4th floor stairway (Press R3)
  • G5 - On a telephone pole (Press R3)
  • H1 - Inside the bar
  • H2 - On the floor
  • H3 - On the ground behind a restaurant stand
  • H4 - On the Club SEGA sign overhead (Press R3)
  • H5 - Under a bench (Press R3)
  • I1 - On a chair near the taxi (Press R3)
  • I2 - On the ground outside Karaokekan
  • I3 - Next to a bench
  • I4 - On the ground behind the building
  • I5 - On the ground in front of Haruka's neighbor
  • J1 - On the ground
  • J2 - On top of a stall (Press R3)
  • J3 - On top of a mailbox (Press R3)
  • J4 - On the ground
  • J5 - On a bamboo wall overhead (Press R3)

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