Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare: Sunflower Variants Guide

Want to be more than a great healer? Then, check out this class variants guide for the Sunflower!

Sunflowers' primary purpose in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is healing teams for the Plants, but that's not all they can do. The amount of damage they do with their primary and sunbeam attacks is decent. Their class variants make them even more of a threat by giving them special features.

I'll go over each variant and help pick the best sunflower variant for you. I only knew what the Power and Fire variants did. I'd like to thank and give credit to Reddit user Mint908 for info on the rest of them.

If you want an overview of this class, check out my Sunflower Guide. For anything else, visit my Master Guide List.

This guide will cover everything about the Sunflower variants including:

  • Sunflower Variants - Each variant and what they do.
  • Class Variant Tips - Tips for each variant, when necessary.

Sunflower Variants


  • Default variant. It's primary attack is a Sun Pulse that does decent damage.
  • Upgrades - Extra Sunlight, Photosynthesis Upgrade, Super Nova Sunlight.
    • Extra Sunlight - Increases ammo capacity.
    • Photosynthesis Upgrade - Makes reloading faster.
    • Super Nova Sunlight - Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo - Sun Pulse
    • Reload - Medium
    • Damage Type - Impact Damage
    • Range - Mid

Mystic Flower 

  • This variant has a primary attack that you charge up. The charged shot does much more damage than normal. It glows.
  • Upgrades - More Mystery Power, Mysterious Reloading Technique, Kinetic Damage Boost.
    • More Mystery Power - Increases ammo capacity.
    • Mysterious Reloading Technique - Makes reloading faster.
    • Kinetic Damage Boost - Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo - Mysterious Energy
    • Reload - Medium
    • Damage Type - Mysterious Damage
    • Range - Short to Mid
  • This a good variant for doing a lot of damage at once. You can still heal and revive while attacking, so this can really hurt the Zombie team.

Power Flower

  • This variant shoots a fast, more damaging shot for its primary attack. The shots also chain to hit other nearby enemies. It looks like an electric flower.
  • Upgrades - Static Buildup, Electrified Whiplash Reload, Power of Powers.
    • Static Buildup - Increases ammo capacity.
    • Electrified Whiplash Reload - Makes reloading faster.
    • Power of Powers - Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo - Power Pulse
    • Reload - Slow
    • Damage Type - Electric Damage
    • Range - Mid
  • This is cool for doing more damage than the normal Sunflower without the need to charge up like the Mystic Flower.

Fire Flower

  • This variant is on fire and adds a fire damage over time effect to its primary attack.
  • Upgrades - Longer-Burning Petals, Flaming Reload, Extra Hotness!.
    • Longer-Burning Petals - Increases ammo capacity.
    • Flaming Reload - Makes reloading faster.
    • Extra Hotness! - Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo - Fire Pulse
    • Reload - Slow
    • Damage Type - Fire Damage over time
    • Range - Short to Mid
  • Great for continuous damage. You can switch targets to keep fire damage on everyone, then let your teammates finish them off if needed.

Shadow Flower

  • This variant has a more damaging shot and smaller range. It is a darker flower with a mask.
  • Upgrades - Dark Energy Collector, Shadowy Reload Technique, Particle Accelerator.
    • Dark Energy Collector - Increases ammo capacity.
    • Shadowy Reload Technique - Makes reloading faster.
    • Particle Accelerator - Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo - Dark Energy
    • Reload - Medium
    • Damage Type - Impact Damage
    • Range - Short to Mid
  • The extra damage can add up in the end and help take down weakened enemies faster.

Metal Petal

  • This variant is slower, but has more health. Looks like a metallic sunflower.
  • Upgrades - More Metal Shard Ammo, Artificial Reload Upgrade, Sharper Metal Flakes.
    • More Metal Shard Ammo - Increases ammo capacity.
    • Artificial Reload Upgrade - Makes reloading faster.
    • Sharper Metal Flakes - Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo - Superheated Sparks
    • Reload - Medium
    • Damage Type - Impact Damage
    • Range - Short
  • This is the one to pick when you need extra survivability. Although it is slower, the extra health can make up for it. Plus, you can heal longer with more health.

Sun Pharaoh

  • This variant is has less ammo, but a burst shot that does great damage if you can aim well.
  • Upgrades - Solar Prism, Cobra-like Reflexes, Calibrated Snake Gems.
    • Solar Prism - Increases ammo capacity.
    • Cobra-like Reflexes - Makes reloading faster.
    • Calibrated Snake Gems - Increased damage of primary weapon.
  • Stats
    • Ammo - Beam of Ancient
    • Reload - Medium
    • Damage Type - Energy Damage
    • Range - Long 
  • This variant is good for quick precise shots. It also has the longest range of all the Sunflowers. When you want to take out zombies from a distance quickly, and still heal your team, this is the Sunflower to pick.

That's it for the Sunflower variants. If you have questions, or see anything I missed, let me know in the comments!

If you'd like tips on anything else for Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, go to my Master Guide List.

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Published May. 1st 2014
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