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Rift is celebrating its fifth year anniversary with the Carnival of the Ascended event for the next couple of weeks. With quests, instant adventures, a new soul pack, a minion quest and more, it is worth checking out!

The event includes a lot of mini-games that offer cool rewards. That's why we put together this guide to each of the mini-games you will find in Tempest Bay. Each of these mini-games will award you with tickets for playing. They've been listed in order of location, starting from those closest to the entrance and moving closer to the finish line.

Frog Artifacts

In this mini-game, you step into the corral and click on the green trap. When you do so, you release a bunch of small frog artifacts, which are divided by rarity. They jump around though, so hopefully you can click fast enough and gather as many of the artifacts as you can.

When the mini-game is done, you are awarded a cache of 3 artifacts, as well as some prizes.

Memory Match

In Memory Match, you are given an order in which colors pop up, and you have to repeat the same sequence afterwards. If you match 5 orbs, you get 8 prize tickets.

Leaping Grass Tigers!

Keep whack-a-mole in mind while you play this mini-game. But instead of using a stick, you have to click on the objects that pop out of the dirt piles. The best advice I can give you to beat this game? Stand at the center -- that way you can reach all sides of the arena without moving too much.

If you beat this, you get 3 prize tickets.

Race around the Carnival Grounds

For this game, you have to select your choice of 4 mounts. When you do so, you would get teleported to a race track. By dodging the red spheres that slow you down, you need to ride to each checkpoint. This game gives you 12 tickets, and the view is great.

Ring Toss

As the name suggests, you have to throw rings on the moving sea caps shown on the top right area. With an unlimited amount of rings, if you throw one and capture 2, you get 2 points. You will need to aim at getting 8 points in order to win 3 prize tickets.

Miniature Race Track

This might be the coolest thing to play against your friends. This mini-game involves selecting a team of red, yellow, green or blue. By jumping up and down on the landing pad, it accelerates how fast your horse runs. 

Fashion Show

Think your get-up is the best thing Telara has ever seen? Go to the fashion show at the Carnival of the Ascended. Each show takes a few minutes, but you line up with the contestants from behind and take turns going on stage. After showing off your costume to the crowd, you have to walk back on the runway to turn in the quest. With 12 prize tickets waiting for you, why not check it out?

Drinking Contest

Think you can out-drink a dwarf? Check out the drinking contest mini-game. In less than 3 minutes, you need to try and chug 15 drinks. You'll either be too drunk to stand or not fast enough. Be careful though, each drink increases your alcohol level (which can lead to you throwing up on the other contestants). If you win, you get 3 prize tickets.

Hint: Drink the bigger pints for more points than the smaller glasses.

Balloon Stomp

In this mini-game, you need to jump on top of 30 balloons before the time runs out. You can complete it with up to 20 friends. If you do, it might make it the most efficient way to get tickets. For every 30 balloons you get 1 ticket, but all you really need to do is jump.

In order to get prize tickets, playing these mini games is going be your main way. But don't forget that it isn't the only currency this Carnival, with Glass Beads and Dubloons too. And if you take part of the festivities, don't forget to post a screenshot of you wearing a mask to the Rift forums, in order to win a Racing Snail Mount!

Published Apr. 24th 2016

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