Sifu Best Skills & How to Unlock Them

Find out which skills are the best in Sifu, and how to unlock and keep them permanently, with the help of our guide.

There are 24 skills in Sifu. They are grouped into five different categories with four containing five skills and one containing four skills Of course, they provide access to new moves, but they also improve your overall fighting tactics with some amazing combos.

Below, we list out the best Sifu skills, as well as give you tips on how to unlock and keep them. 

How to Unlock Skills in Sifu

All skills in Sifu can be unlocked via a skill tree menu by spending between 500-1,500 XP per skill. However, if you restart your game, you may notice that some of your purchased skills are gone.

That's why you need to permanently unlock skills, which appears as an option right after you unlock the skill for the first time. The permanent unlock will cost you 5x 500-1,500 XP per skill, which will unlock the skill and keep it in your skill tree unless you decide to "Give Up" the game in the menu, which practically wipes out all your progress.

This means that you need to purchase a skill six times in total when you unlock it for the first time and spend another 500-1,500 XP five more times after that. In total, you will have to spend 3,000-9,000 XP to permanently unlock any skill in Sifu.

But note that you may unlock the skill for the first time, and then spend another 500-1,500 XP for the first of the five permanent unlock payments, which is enough for the game to keep your progress. Later you can keep investing in it, and your XP payments will be saved. Just don't "Give Up" your game, or those will be wiped out.

Best Skills in Sifu

Snap Kick

Range is everything in Sifu, so always look out for skills that close the range between you and the enemy.

Snap Kick is one of the best range skills in the game, which allows you to strike while performing a forward motion, swiftly closing the gap between you and the target.

Snap Kick Combo

  • PC: Up + Up + RMB.
  • PlayStation: Up + Up + Triangle.
  • Xbox: Up + Up + Y.

Spin Hook Kick

While the snap kick closes the distance in a forward motion, the spin kick covers an area around you, being able to strike several enemies at a time.

Such a powerful kick can be extremely useful when you are being attacked from all sides simultaneously.

Spin Hook Kick Combo

  • PC: RMB + RMB + wait + RMB.
  • PlayStation: Triangle + Triangle + wait + Triangle.
  • Xbox: Y + Y + wait + Y.

Environmental Mastery

Another way of closing a distance in Sifu is to throw things at enemies. With the help of this skill, you can literally throw anything at an enemy that is on the floor, including bottles, boxes, weapons, or any other objects you see, dealing damage and staggering them.

Environmental Mastery Combo

  • PC: Press R near an item
  • PlayStation: Press R1 near an item.
  • Xbox: Press RB near an item.

Flowing Claw

Evasive moves are just as important as the offensive ones, and Flowing Claw is one of the best defensive skills in the game.

It allows you to quickly parry an opponent's strike, and just as quickly hit them back with a powerful blow.

Flowing Claw Combo

  • PC: LMB + RMB.
  • PlayStation: Square + Triangle.
  • Xbox: X + Y.

Raining Strikes

Some of the combos are more intricate than others, but it is vital to find a simple combo that delivers the biggest punch, and Raining Strikes is that kind of skill.

It is more on the expensive side, costing you a 1,000 XP, but it is totally worth it for all that damage.

Raining Strikes Combo

  • PC: RMB + wait + RMB.
  • PlayStation: Triangle + wait + Triangle.
  • Xbox: Y + wait + Y.

Those are the best skills in Sifu, as well as tips on how to unlock them. Now you know what to spend your XP on or what to unlock that best fits your playstyle. Learn how to spare bosses here or check out our Sifu review here


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Published Feb. 11th 2022

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