Cynbel's Secret: Child of Light Side Quest Guide

How to find Cynbel's Secret in Child of Light (the right way, AND the fast way - take your pick!)

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The "Right Way" to Complete The Cynbel Secret Quest

Follow the signs

Look for the large Emerald green crystals in the Cynbel sea palace. When you find them, illuminate them with Ignatious using LT and follow the direction of the arrow to your next crystal. Eventually by following the directions you'll find the treasure, and along the way you'll be rewarded with lots of smaller chests.

Not interested in following the path? Read on.

The Fast Way to Complete the Cynbel's Secret Quest

Just head straight to the final location of Cynbel's Secret

If you've reached the entrance to the Palace of the Sun, fly three chambers back to the right. You'll see a statue of a man, an eel, and two horses. There's an upright pillar in the background on the left, align Aurora with it and fly straight up into the ceiling. 

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Published Apr. 30th 2014
  • colleen _8002
    It's gate of the Sun, not palace. :)
  • Andrew Kender
    Just wanted to point out, Aurora's little elemental "firefly" buddy is named Igniculus, not Ignatious. :P Understandable that people would misspell it, though it's in the pause menu on the bottom right. And though it IS a statue, it's best named as a fountain for better reference, since Aurora sees another vision of her father in the basin.
  • Jo Nathan
    It's bugged on mine as well. :(
  • Kyle davis
    Wow I just found the chest but what I thought was really cool is that in the background of where the chest is, there is a Fibonacci spiral! Clever placement to put the spiral in a spot that can only be found by exploring
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    I declare, these folks and their attention to detail :) Good catch Kyle!
  • Angie_3772
    Thank you for this, there is no way I could have found it otherwise.
  • Angus_9562
    Somehow i logged in yesterday and wad able to open it. Thanks for your help anyway! :) Yeah i guess it was a bug.
  • Angus_9562
    Hello. How come is it that im unable to open the golden treasure?
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    That's odd - I haven't heard of anyone else unable to open the chest. Did you get the quest beforehand?
  • Angus_9562
    Yeap i sure did. Here is the screen shot
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    Strange! I'd report that to the Ubi team as a bug then.
  • Jo Nathan
    If you're still having the issue here's how to fix it on PS4

    . If you're in the game, hit the PS4 button
    2. Highlight the game, and push the "Options" button on your controller
    3. Select "Close Application"
    4. Go to My PS4
    5. Go to Settings
    6. Go to PSN Settings
    7. Choose Restore Licenses.

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