Shenmue 3: How to Get 50 Year Old Wine Lao Jiu

Looking for the 50 year old wine Lao Jiu in Shenmue 3? It's right under your nose.

To get the 50 year old wine (Lao Jiu) in Shenmue 3, you must first meet Master Sun. At this point in the game, you should have already done so after speaking with Grandmaster Feng near Ternary Spring. Feng tells you that Sun is at the abandoned temple in Sunflower Grove. 

When you meet Sun at the abandoned temple, you can ask him about Kung Fu. Here, he will use The Body Check move on you. However, he will not yet teach you the move. This comes after fighting the thugs at the Hermit's Nest while trying to rescue Yanxing. 

After Hermit's Nest, you need to find a martial arts master to teach you a new move. The obvious choice is Grandmaster Feng, but he will not teach you. Instead, you must visit Master Sun again. Be sure to bring another bottle of cheap liquor and a steamed bun to coax him out of the temple. 

Before he teaches you the move, though, he asks you to do him another favor: find a jug of 50 year old wine. 

Shenmue 3: How to Get 50 Year Old Wine Lao Jiu

Go to the Tao-Get shop near the Verdant Bridge. Speak to Tao. He will tell you he has a wide liquor selection and to look around the shop for the Lao Jiu. 

Facing Tao, turn right and walk toward the wall directly in front of you. There is a small barrel on the ground in front of you. Open the barrel and examine the jug inside. This is the 50 year old wine. 

The Lao Jiu costs a whopping 2,000 Yuan. Return to Tao and speak with him. He will put the Lao Jiu in his inventory, but you will have to get the Yuan to buy it. 

Fastest Way to Get Yuan for Lao Jiu

The fastest way to get the Yuan you need is by fishing. By far, it's the fastest way to make money in the game sans the forklift in Niaowu. 

Leave Tao-Get's store and go to the fishing pond to rent a fishing pole and fishing gear. To get there, go to the town square and take a left at Elder Yeh's house and go straight. Continue past Man Yuan temple on your right. Huang's Bait Shop will be in front of you, while the fishing pond will be on your left. 

Rent the 20 Yuan pole and start fishing in the pond next to the bait shop. Cast your line into the reeds in the center of the pond to catch catfish. You may also catch a Blue Catfish here, which is worth even more money. 

If you fish from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., you can get up to 475 Yuan a day for your catches. The bigger the fish, the more money Huang will pay. 

Of course, you will still have time each day to get more money from other activities. To make the most of your time, chop wood at either the Tao-Get Shop or near the fortune teller near Sunset Hill. 

You can also try your hand at gambling, although it doesn't pay as much. Since gambling with a bookie is left to chance, be sure to visit the fortune teller to get your lucky color and your lucky number to make the most of your bets. 


Once you gather 2,000 Yuan, head back to Tao and purchase the 50 year old wine from his inventory. Take the Lao Jiu back to Master Sun, and he will teach you the Body Check. Now you can take out those thugs in the Hermit's Nest. 

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Shenmue 3 is currently available for the PC through the Epic Games Store and the PS4. Publisher Deep Silver currently has no plans to bring the game to Xbox One. 

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Published Dec. 10th 2019

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