SCUM Advanced Controls Guide

Learn how to use your mouse and keyboard in an advanced way with the help of our guide to SCUM.

SCUM has become very popular very quickly due to its incredibly deep and advanced survival mechanics. Obviously, in order to succeed in such a complex game one must know the controls as well as possible.

If you're having questions regarding the controls in the game or can't figure out how to activate some of the hidden actions, then follow our quick guide on advanced controls in SCUM right below.

Advanced Mouse Controls

Left Mouse Button

LMB activates combat mode in the game and allows you to either shoot from an equipped firearm or use melee weapon.

But you could also throw a melee weapon if you press and hold LMB. This will allow you to effectively kill animals in the distance.

Right Mouse Button

RMB is mostly used to block attacks during combat, but it can also assist in better sniping.

You can use it to aim down the sight, and if you press and hold RMB, then you will enter the Focus mode, an advanced vision that allows you to track down animals and such.

Mouse Wheel

The wheel allows for some subtle adjustments as well. For example, you can use it to switch between fire modes, but you can also combine it with other keys for the following effects:

  • Shift + Wheel: Sets your scope range.
  • Shift + Alt + Wheel: Sets your scope windage.
  • Ctrl + Wheel: Changes the height of your stance.
  • Alt + Wheel: Activates Free Look mode.

Advanced Keyboard Controls


You can easily calculate the windage by simply pressing the Ctrl key once while aiming. Also, if you want to stabilize your scope, then press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard.


The number keys 1 and 2 activate right and left shoulder holsters respectively. Numbers from 3 to 0 activate quick access to your inventory.


Some of the alphabetic keys may completely elude you in SCUM, but they can activate some amazing features you shoud know about:

  • G: Toggles night vision.
  • Enter: Switches camera.
  • X: Lay down.
  • C: Crouch.
  • V: Activates combat stance.
  • W+S+LMB: Activates a combo.


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Published Sep. 6th 2018

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