Skyrim Standing Stones: All Locations & Blessings

Here are the exact locations of all standing stones in Skyrim, including the descriptions of their blessings.

Locating and gaining the blessings of the standing stones can really help you out in all sorts of situations in Skyrim. This guide will show you the locations and describe blessings of all standing stones in Skyrim. No Dragonborn should pass the opportunity to gain a set of powerful skills in, especially when they're free.

There are 11 locations but 13 standing stones in total in Skyrim, as three of these stones stand at the same spot. You can get them all while doing the main questline or dedicate time outside the storyline walkthrough. It's up to you!

All Standing Stone Locations and Blessings in Skyrim

Standing Stone 1: The Apprentice Stone

  • Blessing: 100% Magicka regeneration; 100% Weakness to Magic

The first stone can be found in the Hjaalmarch hold, on a small island northwest of Morthal, which is a city located in the Drajkmyr Marsh.

The magic penalty of this blessing can be eliminated with the help of the Restoration wards.

Standing Stone 2: The Atronach Stone

  • Blessing: 50 Points of Magicka; 50% Absorb spells; -50% Magicka regeneration

You can find this standing stone at the Eastmarch hold, at the hot springs east of Darkwater Crossing, which is a miners village located on the Darkwater River.

This stone is almost opposite to the Apprentice Stone, as it gives you magic resistance, but takes away some of your own magic.

Standing Stone 3: The Lady Stone

  • Blessing: +25% Health and Stamina regeneration speed

This stone can be seen in the Falkreath hold, on the lake west of Riverwood village. The stone stands on a small isle amidst the lake.

Standing Stone 4: The Lord Stone

  • Blessing: 50 Points of Damage Resistance; 25% Magic Resistance

The Lord Stone stands on top of the mountain east of Morthal in the Hjaalmarch hold.

Use this stone to boost your physical and magic resistances. Those who wish to build a maximized tank build should definitely get this blessing.

Standing Stone 5: The Lover Stone

  • Blessing: +15% All Skills increase speed

Once you reach the city of Markarth in the Reach hold, head eastwards, and search for this stone near Kolskeggr Mine.

The Lover Stone will be useful to players who have the need to progress fast, while playing with a combination of builds in one character.

Standing Stone 6: The Ritual Stone

  • Blessing: Gain ability to summon the undead and fight for you

The Ritual Stone can be seen outside of the Graywinter Watch cave, right above its entrance, located southeast of Battle-Born Farm of the Whiterun hold.

This kind of ability can be extremely useful when preparing to fight a boss. You can use this blessing once a day.

Standing Stone 7: The Serpent Stone

  • Blessing: Gain ability to Paralyze for 5 seconds; Deal 25 Poison damage

You can find this stone on top of a floating iceberg in the Sea of Ghost, which is located east of College of Winterhold.

Standing Stone 8: The Shadow Stone

  • Blessing: Gain Invisibility for 60 seconds

This standing stone can be seen outside the Nightingale Hall cave, which is located south of Riften.

You will also have to start the "Trinity Restored" quest, given by Karliah, a Dunmer thief, in order to encounter this stone.

Standing Stone 9: The Steed Stone

  • Blessing: +100 Carry Weight increase; Equipped armor has no weight

You will need to travel to the Ironback Hideout settlement in the Haafingar hold. The Steed Stone can be seen north of Statue to Meridia.

This blessing would be excellent for players, who tend to carry heavy armor.

Standing Stone 10: The Tower Stone

  • Blessing: Gain ability to unlock any expert level lock (one per day)

Here is one of the best hidden stones in the game. It can be found on top of the high cliff that is located between the Dawnstar and Winterhold.

The best way to use this blessing is to escape prison, but you can also just unlock chests with it.

Standing Stone 11-13: The Guardian Stones

There are three Guardian Stones in Skyrim that all stand at the same location: on the roadside southwest of Riverwood, Whiterun.

The three standing stones are:

  • The Mage Stone (+20% Magic Skills increase speed)
  • The Thief Stone (+20% Stealth Skills increase speed)
  • The Warrior Stone (+20% Combat Skills increase speed)

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