Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff Guide: How To Unlock Each Character

A guide to unlock each character in the mobile adaption of Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff.

In Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff, Quahog is reduced to ruins and debris after the abominable cancellation of Family Guy, the television show. 

Once the fate of Quahog is turned over to the player's discretion, you have to re-build the infamous town from the ground up using everyone's favorite characters and establishments.

While many reviews claim that the game can get a bit money-intensive, there are tips and tricks to apply to help save you some cash

In order to unlock each character, you must first unlock the district and building containing them. Each person can be unlocked by building the following:

District 1

  • Peter Griffin - The Griffin House
  • Quagmire - Quagmire's House
  • Chris Griffin - The Griffin House
  • Bonnie Swanson - The Swanson House

District 2

  • Jerome - The Drunken Clam
  • Bruce - The Founding Father

District 3

  • Mort Goldman - Goldman's Pharmacy
  • Lois - The Stop n' Shop

District 4

  • Joe - James Woods High
  • Herbert - The Playground

District 5

  • Meg - Quahog Oceanland
  • Seamus - The Lighthouse

District 6

  • Dr. Hartman - Quahog Hospital
  • Brian - Quahog Public Library


Please note that these characters have not been released yet, and the buildings required to unlock them are not available. Either the developers plan on adding them to later districts or are preparing them as future, premium content. 

Since Ollieland contains all available content, you'll be able to tell when these characters will be unlockable when he acquires them. Another, easier alternative would be an update to the app, or a push notification directly from the app. 

  • Tricia - PF Chinese
  • Connie - We Heal You Long Time
  • Stewie - Bob's Funland
  • Carter - Quahog Cinema

Current Premium Characters

All premium characters can be purchased with their respective clams:

  • Buzz Killington - Barrington Country Club (250 clams)
  • Consuela - Consuela's House (300 clams)
  • Brain Damaged Horse - Quahog Derby Stables (120 clams)
  • Jake Turner - Church (50 clams)

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Published May. 6th 2014
  • Ashley_3022
    I absolutely love this game it is addictive especially for the die heart Family guy fans
  • Bigg_8183
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  • STACE_7709
    Can someone tell me how to unlock district 6? it just wont unlock even though iv bought all the land and build so it is all filled up, it still wont open it?

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