Persona 5 Strikers Dire Shadows Locations Guide

Here's how to find each of the Dire Shadows in Persona 5 Strikers, which will give you the "Who Dares Wins" and "The Most Daring of All" trophies and achievements.

Persona 5 Strikers has a handful of super-powerful enemies called Dire Shadows. Defeating one nets you the "Who Dares Wins" trophy/achievement, and defeating all of them rewards you with "The Most Daring of All" trophy/achievement.

Dire Shadows are easily recognizable because they sparkle with electricity, and your fellow Phantom Thieves will comment on their presence. Though it's advised that you take these enemies on at the end of the game when you're at your most powerful, you can get near them beforehand. It's only when you actually strike them that a battle initiates. 

Dire Shadows Locations

Shibuya Jail:

The first one up is Killer Teddy Bear. Go to the Bunkamachi checkpoint and take the zipline to the next area (the yellow line on the map below). Go all the way down to the bottom, and you'll see the Dire Shadow right outside.

Sendai Jail:

Take the West Garden checkpoint, and go down to the lower area. Snake King will be waiting for you in the open area.

Sapporo Jail:

Go to the Sapporo Clocktower checkpoint, and go to the northwest corner of the map. Harlot of Desire will be there.

Okinawa Jail:

Go to the second checkpoint listed in the menu. In the next room over, the Wandering Reviver Dire Shadow will be waiting for you.

Koyoto Jail:

This one is probably the most difficult to find since the area has different portals. Here's the correct path to follow:

From the Fox Couple checkpoint (looking at the map), go left to Daughter Fox Shrine. Use the portal there to go to the Path of Fortune. Then take the portal at the small shrine to the Mother Fox Shrine. There, you will find Sun's Emissary.

Osaka Jail:

Go to the Mt. Chashiro checkpoint, and you'll be right outside a big building. Go past the first shadow you see, and the War Hungry Horseman should be behind it.

Jail of the Abyss:

Start at the very beginning of the jail area, and you should see Dark Sun right in front of you.

Tree of Life:

Go to the Path of Yearning checkpoint, and the Heavenly Punisher should be right around the corner.

Those are all of the Dire Shadows and their locations in Persona 5 Strikers! Defeating all of them will get you the "The Most Daring of All" trophy/achievement. If you're looking for more how-tos and walkthroughs, consider checking out our recipe guide and friend requests guide


Published Feb. 22nd 2021

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