Minecraft x Mega Man Crossover DLC All Bosses List

Here is a complete list of all bosses in Minecraft x Mega Man Crossover DLC, including tips on how to beat them all.

Have you ever wanted to play Mega Man in Minecraft? Well, here's you chance! Minecraft x Mega Man Crossover DLC is now available on the Minecraft market, and it's packed with a number of bosses from the Capcom series. Our guide will provide you with a complete list of all bosses in Minecraft x Mega Man Crossover DLC, including tips on how to beat them all.

All Bosses in Minecraft x Mega Man Crossover

The new Mega Man DLC pits players against six infamous bosses from the franchise, including:

  • Vile Ride Armor
  • Chill Penguin
  • Storm Eagle
  • Armored Armadillo
  • Sting Chameleon
  • Sigma

Vile Ride Armor

Vile is the first boss you encounter and also the easiest one to beat. The entire battle consists of two short phases:

  • During the first one you can easily shoot him down with your projectiles.
  • During the second one he gets repaired and has more health, but the strategy remains the same.

The only thing you need to watch out during the second phase is his projectiles and jump attacks that can be easily dodged.

Chill Penguin

Chill Penguin appears right after with the same jumping attacks and projectiles, but this time you also need to dodge his slides. Once he summons snowflakes, jump to the edges of the arena to avoid any damage.

Storm Eagle

The next battle is much harder, as it takes place on the bridge, so be careful to not fall off the edges. Try to dodge his spiral projectiles as they can insta-kill you. The last thing you should be aware of are the bird-mobs that Storm Eagle drops from the sky. Deal with them first, and then focus on shooting the boss.

Armored Armadillo

This boss is similar to Chill Penguin with his jumping attacks, but instead of sliding he covers his body with his armored arms to prevent any damage. Wait for him to open up and then shoot. He typically does this when he tries to shoot projectiles.

Sting Chameleon

Sting Chameleon likes to hang off the ceiling and drop stones from the top. In order to avoid this rain of stones move to the walls on the edges of the arena. Be sure to dodge his long tongue attacks. He may also become invisible, but the cloaking won't be able to kick in if you keep shooting at him.


Once you reach the top of the tower, the final boss fight commences. But first, you must fight Sigma's pet wolf that has only two attacks: jumping and projectiles.

Then the boss fight against Sigma begins, which consists of the following phases:

  • Charging with a sword. Don't let him near you, or one strike with a sword insta-kills you. Move fast from one wall to another avoiding his charges, while shooting at Sigma.
  • Wolf Sigma. Once Sigma transforms into a giant wolf-mecha, shoot his mouth, which is most vulnerable, and try to avoid his hands that get separated from his main body.

Once Sigma is defeated, the story is complete. Those are all Mega Man crossover DLC bosses in Minecraft. Be sure to check out the rest of the Minecraft tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.

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Published Feb. 24th 2023

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