Final Fantasy Explorers Job Guide: Ninja

Check this guide out for everything you need to know about the Ninja Job in Final Fantasy Explorers!

The Ninja in Final Fantasy Explorers can evade many attacks and strike fast. They are great Damagers, but can also be a Tank if built correctly. They are proficient in Katana skills and are the only class that can equip Ninjato weapons.

I will go over the basics of the Ninja job, describe the play styles, give an example of a build, and more. Check out my Beginner Tips and Tricks for more help with the game.

This guide will go over everything about the Ninja job in Final Fantasy Explorers including:

  • Ninja Job Basics - Everything you need to know when deciding whether or not to play Ninja.
  • Ninja Ability Build - An example build that I use for Ninja and why I use it.
  • Ninja Job Mastery  - What you need to complete the Mastery Trials: Ninja quest and what you get for doing it.
  • Ninja Job Equipment - What materials you need to craft the Ninja-Only gear and how to get them.

Ninja Job Basics

Ninja is listed as Tank/Damager in the game. Their unique ability is called Utsusemi and it causes you to completely nullify any attack. Their passive ability is called Stealth, which reduces sprint AP cost.

Ninja is the only job that starts with Dual-wield and can equip Ninjato, which use Katana skills. They are proficient in Katana skills, so that is what you should use on them. They cannot dual-wield Katanas, so you should use Ninjato as your weapons.

Their mobility and evasion is very high. When you mist that with Utsusemi and a Katana ability called Quarte, and you can Tank simply by avoiding attacks.

The other Katana abilities can also do a lot of damage so you can go the pure damage route as well. The non-damaging abilities focus on raising your evasion and making your abilities hit harder.

Ninja Ability and Mutations Build

I'm going to give you the build I currently use for Ninja and describe why so you can get a good idea of one of the ways you can play Ninja. If you need info on mutations and how to get each one, visit my Mutations and Crystal Surge Reference List.

Final Fantasy Explorers Ninja ability

Left Abilities
  • X - Utsusemi
    • Suggested Mutations - Faster Cooldown, Reraise, Regen, Haste
  • Y - Sword Spirit
    • Suggested Mutations - Haste, Create Image, Regen, Faster Cooldown
  • A - Reflex
    • Suggested Mutations - Faster Cooldown, Haste, Create Image, P-Attack Up
  • B - Quarte
    • Suggested Mutations - Some type of Status ailment
Right Abilities
  • X - Cherry Blossom
    • Suggested Mutations - Absorb AP, Link ability
  • Y - Tsubame Gaeshi
    • Suggested Mutations - Attack Buffs
  • A - Snow Storm
    • Suggested Mutations - Link: Nether Moon, Absorb AP
  • B - Nether Moon
    • Suggested Mutations - Link: Cherry Blossom

Let's go over the Right abilities first. The basic combo to use is Snow Storm, Nether Moon, then Cherry Blossom.

Snow Storm increases mobility and Nether Moon does more damage if your mobility is higher. Nether Moon links to Cheery Blossom and Cherry Blossom links to Tsubame Gaeshi. Tsubame Gaeshi also does more damage the closer you are to 50% AP, so linking the 4 abilities in that order provides a lot of damage.

I have a link from Cherry Blossom into Tsubame Gaeshi, so that is why I use that. Otherwise, Peerless Illusion is a great ability and what I recommend getting.

Utsusemi is your unique ability and will allow you to completely nullify an attack, so always use it when it is ready. Reraise is one of the best mutations to get on it because it will automatically revive you if you die. You must stack it to increase the chances.

Sword Spirit makes your next attack a critical hit, so it is good to use that with Peerless Illusion or when you are about to start your combo attack.

Reflex increases your Evasion and is good to use before Peerless Illusion or as a defensive ability/buff with the right mutations.

Quarte is your best defensive ability besides Utsusemi. It not only makes any attack miss you, but it counters it and deals damage to the attacker. Having both of these abilities lets you tank by avoiding hard-hitting attacks. Status Ailments are applied 100% of the time if you have a mutation for one on Quarte and you hit the enemy with the counter.

It is good to have Regen on any or multiples of these abilities to help keep your HP up if you take damage. Haste Increases speed, making it even easy to run from attacks. Create Illusion does the same thing as Utsusemi so you can make yourself even harder to hit.

Ninja Job Mastery

When you complete 10 quests as a Ninja, you can do the Mastery Trials: Ninja quest. You must defeat any 1 eidolon to complete the quest.

Completing this will do multiple things:

  • Allows Ninja to equip daggers
  • Increases max HP and AP for Ninja
  • Gives Ninja Guide

The last part is an item used to craft gear that only the Ninja Job can equip.

Ninja Job Equipment

Final Fantasy Explorers Ninja equipment

All of the Ninja Only equipment start with the word Shinobi. There are pieces for Head, Torso, and Legs. Besides the unique look, Job specific gear adds 5 to your max ability load and takes away 5 from the base equipment trait for each piece. This gives you a total of 15 extra Load.

They all require the same types of materials, but torso uses more. Below is a list of the materials needed and where to get them.

  • Ninja Guide - Completing Mastery Trials: Ninja quest.
    • Amount Needed: 1 for each piece, total of 3.
  • Helldiver Pinion - Drops from Helldiver monsters, located in Debbis Cave.
    • Amount Needed: 1 for each, total of 3
  • Coeurl Claw - Drops from Coeurl monsters, located in Maxon Woods.
    • Amount Needed: 2 for each, total of 6.
  • Laribad Hemp - Random from gathering plant spots.
    • Amount Needed: 3 for Head and Legs, 4 for Chest, total of 10.

This is it for my guide on Ninja in Final Fantasy Explorers. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!

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Published Feb. 1st 2016

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