3 Minecraft PE End Portal Village Spawn Seeds

Looking for a Minecraft PE End Portal Seed? Look no further. We've got three that will get you in a stronghold and on your way right from game spawn!

Stronghold and end portal seeds got far more popular once Minecraft finally brought The End to the mobile version of the hit sandbox game. The best kind of end portal seeds are seeds that have them at the games spawn point. Here's our three favorite village seeds with strongholds and end portals beneath their well's.

#1 - Triple Village Spawn with Stronghold and Portal Room

Minecraft PE Seed: BLUEBLOB

Triple Village End Portal Spawn for MCPE

End Portal in Spawn Stronghold

Now this seed is impressive. Once world render has done it's job and the spawn chunks are visible, you're in for a treat. At spawn there is a triple village to explore. The stronghold and end portal are beneath the village well -- that is closest to the spawn point. Just head to the well and dig down right beside it.

For a different way in, check out the surface cave entrance right by that same village. Inside you'll find tell-tale mossy cobble blocks. Simply break through and you're in! An awesome end portal seed for Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE).

#2 - Blacksmith Diamonds Above, End Portal Below

Minecraft PE Seed: prospros

Village with End Portal Below

Pocket Edition Stronghold at Spawn. Seed:prospro

At the spawn point of this Pocket Edition end portal seed you'll find a blacksmith village alongside a river which you are directly across from. The blacksmith has a couple of diamonds and some iron armor to grab.

The main attraction? The end portal beneath the village. Go to the village well and dig beneath it. You will plop right into the stronghold. With a bit of exploring you'll be on your way to the end.

#3 - Spawn in a Village. Take the Well to the End Portal.

Minecraft PE Seed: EAT A WRAP

End Portal Village Spawn for Minecraft PE

The End Portal

The first two seeds spawned you near a village. This end portal seed is even more convenient. You spawn in the village. Head on over to the well and once again dig down.

This stronghold isn't quite as large as the others, so that should make locating the end portal much easier!

Have you found any other great MCPE End Portal Village seeds? Let us know in the comments below!


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Published Oct. 20th 2017

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