Metro Exodus Guide: How to Save Duke

Learn how to preserve your good reputation and save your companion Duke with the help of this guide for Metro Exodus.

Duke is one of the main companions in Metro Exodus. His mission is the first major challenge Artyom will face in the Volga region.

Before you begin, though, know that this portion of the game should be approached with extreme caution; depending on your actions, your reputation will be affected in one way or the other. 

Note: Minor spoilers follow. 

Step 1: Escape the Church

As you approach the church in Volga, you'll notice it is full of cult members. However, don't kill them. To get Duke out alive, you need to reach the boat on the other side of the church without causing a stir. If you must dispatch a cult member, do it quietly and strategically by knocking them out from behind.  


Step 2: Steal the Bandits' Boat

Once you've found your way out of the church and reached the boat, don't take it; instead, swim along the channel. Eventually, you will arrive at the bandits' camp. Here, you need to steal one of the bigger boats, which will take you to the cult leader.

To reach the boat, follow the same stealthy approach as before. Try not to kill anyone, or only a few if necessary. If you kill too many enemies, you garner negative reputation points amongst the survivors at the end of the mission, so be careful.

Run from one boat to the other until you reach the riverboat; go inside the cabin and activate the engine.

Step 3: Talk to the Cult Leader

Once you arrive at the cult leader's base, slip through all the rooms and get to the elevator unnoticed.

Take your time and crouch whenever you can to reduce noise. If needed, knockout enemies by hitting them from behind. When you reach the elevator, go up to the top floor.

Make your way through the last section of the base and enter the cult leader's room at the end. If you did well, Duke will enter the room and you will both escape alive.

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Published Feb. 20th 2019

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