Biomutant Googlide Wrekbox Locations

The Googlide Mount has plenty of cosmetics to be found hidden in Wrekboxes around the world. Here are all nine Biomutant Googlide Wrekbox locations.

The Biomutant Googlide is one of the 19 available mounts in the game and has numerous cosmetics to be collected that can spice up its appearance. These cosmetics are found in nine Wrekboxes scattered throughout the New World.

One of these nine Biomutant Wrekboxes will be found as part of the story, but if you're looking to collect all eight, follow this guide for the Biomutant Googlide Wrekbox locations, and you'll have them all in no time.

All Biomutant Googlide Wrekbox Locations

Googlide Wrekbox 1/9

The first Wrekbox can be found just north of Subnautica Station and is unmissable as it is part of the story. It's found during the Skronk Salvage mission of the Goop main quest.

Enter the sewage tunnel and follow the waypoints until you reach the rotation puzzle. The solution is posted below, so look away if you want to try it on your own:

  • Rotate the right valve so the white arm is pointing straight left.
  • Rotate the middle valve so the white arm is pointing straight right.
  • Rotate the top valve so the white arm is pointing straight left.

Defeat the enemies and break through the rock wall. You will come to a circuit board puzzle that can be completed with the following moves:

  • Press the top button, then the bottom.
  • Press the middle button, then the bottom.
  • Press the top button, then the bottom.

Continue through the tunnel, defeating enemies as you go, until you reach the Wrekbox. Salvage it for your first cosmetics.

Googlide Wrekbox 2/9

The second Wrekbox can be found in Gumquack Hollow, which is just a bit northeast of Subnautica Station, where you found the first one. This is best done during the Gumquacks Hollow mission, a bit later in the Goop main quest.

Enter Gumquack Hollow and you will come to an XXXXX cable puzzle. To solve this, do the following:

  • Assume the nine ports are numbered like a phone dial: 1-3 on top, 4-6 beneath that, and 7-9 on the bottom.
  • Occupy ports 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9 with cables.

Continue on and catch the five Gumquacks in the water, then head for the Pew-Pew Locker. Head right from this locker, down the path into the next room. When you see the stairs ahead of you, look right and you will see the Wrekbox across the water.

Googlide Wrekbox 3/9

The remaining seven Googlide Wrekbox locations are much less involved than the first two. The third is found in Brokenboat, east of Bricktown. Brokenboat is — you guessed it — a broken boat. Head inside and the Wrekbox will be in plain sight on the ground.

Googlide Wrekbox 4/9

Southeast of Brokenboat, you can find Bangshelter 2E. Enter the shelter and take a right, then a left. Walk in a straight line through these doors and through the wide-open room to find the fourth Wrekbox at the far end.

Googlide Wrekbox 5/9

Northeast of the fourth Wrekbox location, you can find Brug's Camp, Froskmosk, and Bangshelter 2G. Head for the small island between Bangshelter 2G and Froskmosk to find the Wrekbox. This island is incredibly small, so it's practically impossible to miss the box once you land here.

Googlide Wrekbox 6/9

A small walk northwest from Wrekbox 5/9 is Brickbrack 3G. Head up here, then enter the southernmost building through a hall in the northeast wall. To your immediate right will be the sixth Wrekbox.

Googlide Wrekbox 7/9

The seventh Wrekbox can be found in the Manufactorium. Once again, enter through a hole in the northeast fence and follow the path to the right a bit, then enter the building to your left through the opening behind the pink crystals. Go through the small door directly in front of you and make a right to find the Wrekbox.

Googlide Wrekbox 8/9

This Googlide Wrekbox requires the Mjut mount, which is unlocked through natural story progression, after completing The Mjut Special mission. Once you have it unlocked, head to the buildings just west of Rokoblok Outpost. Here, you can find a wall that can be pulled down with the Mjut. Inside, the next Wrekbox can be found.

Googlide Wrekbox 9/9

The ninth and final Wrekbox is in Frozy Brickbrack, in the southernmost part of the snowy area on the map. Head down the lower path and through the open door to enter the underground area. Directly in front of you will be the final Wrekbox.


Now that you know how and where to find all of the Biomutant Googlide Wrekboxes, you'll have all of the cosmetics for the Googlide mount. For more on Experiment 101's new mutant-centric action RPG, consider heading over to our other Biomutant tips and tricks articles


Published Jun. 7th 2021

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