Mordhau Guide: What Is the Carrot, and How Do I Get It?

Here's the exact location of the Carrot, a new weapon in Mordhau, and a short guide on how to join the Funland server.

Mordhau sold over 60,000 copies in a single day before going on to sell a million copies, which prompted the developer to release a new celebration patch. It includes a brand-new developer map, Funland, and a new weapon, the Carrot.

Funland is not available in the normal play, but server administrators do have access to the new map. If you want to know how to join one of those servers and find the mysterious Carrot weapon, then follow our guide below.

How to Get the Carrot

Crossroads map carrot location

The Carrot is basically a simple Carving Knife with a new skin, which can be found on the Crossroads map north of the camp.

Just follow the exact location marked on the map above, and you will find it growing under one of the trees.

The Carrot looks like an ordinary carrot in your hands, but if you try to strike a target, it will cut like a knife.

This weapon is more of an Easter egg, so don't expect to unlock any achievements or other fun stuff with it.

How to Play Funland

Another cool feature of the new patch is the command-only map for parkour enthusiasts in Mordhau.

Follow these steps, if you want to join the Funland server:

  1. Start a local game
  2. Press "~ [tilde]" key
  3. Type in the following command: changemap funland2therefunening
  4. Press Enter

You will spawn in a new map with a vast array of obstacles. This map is a simple training ground, so don't expect to earn any XP here. Just have fun!

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Published Jun. 11th 2019

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