Echo of Soul: Drakus' Laboratory Dungeon Guide

Everything you need to know for the Drakus' Laboratory solo dungeon.

This is the last of the solo dungeons in Echo of Soul, excluding the Infinite Dungeon. This dungeon is pretty easy. The big issues are the bosses hit rather hard, and the final stretch mechanic.


Here I'll give a basic rundown of the mechanics of both bosses.

Scourge of Drakus:

This boss is fairly slow-moving. It has the most abilities I've seen so far from a single boss. Nothing on this boss is interruptible so it's a lot of moving around.

  • Toxic Puddle: A ground circle move that leaves a persisting pool of poison where it lands that will kill you if you try to fight in it.
  • Rush: A straight-line charge attack.
  • Throw Down: A straight-line knockdown that deals heavy damage.
  • Bite: This appears to be a melee range attack. I've never actually been hit by this attack, so I don't know its damage or effects.

Senior Researcher:


While this boss doesn't seem that difficult, it's actually more dangerous than the first boss. This boss hits much harder than Scourge of Drakus. Again none of the moves are interruptible.

  • Power Shot: A massive damage, straight-line attack.
  • Energy Bomb: A ground target AOE attack centered on the Senior Researcher.
  • Alter Ego Summon: Summons a weaker version of the boss. You should switch to the new target immediately as it still does a lot of damage, but it dies faster.
  • Power Bomb: Senior Researcher uses this attack when it has 1/4 HP remaining. It's similar to Energy Bomb, but centered on the player's location at spell start. Immediately leads into Teleport.
  • Teleport: Senior Researcher moves across the room. Immediately leads into Falling Star.
  • Falling Star: This attack is like multiple Power Shots placed around the player. While in the attack markers, your movement speed is slowed.

Final Mechanic:

After the last boss, you go to a new room. When you approach the bridge, you're stunned for 12 seconds and get a persisting combat debuff placed on you. This means that as long as you're in this room you can't use bandages. You have to fight through this room and get to the hourglass at the end. Using the hourglass will remove the debuff taking you to the treasure box. Destroying the treasure box completes the dungeon.

That wraps up Drakus' Laboratory. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns leave them in the space below. Check out my Echo of Soul guide list for more upcoming content. Also, look here for the beta schedule announcement.

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Published May. 23rd 2015

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