Ghostwire Tokyo: Best Skills

Ghostwire Tokyo's best skills make a big difference in how you approach battles and exploration.

The best skills in Ghostwire Tokyo give you more proficiency in both combat and exploration, but they come at a cost: Skill Points.

You’ll earn Skill Points by leveling up and completing side quests. Instead of tossing them willy-nilly into some of the less useful skills and realizing – too late – they won’t help, we’ve done the work for you. 

The Best Skills in Ghostwire Tokyo

Bear in mind these are based in part on personal style preference. I didn’t use Prayer Beads too much and opted not to buy the Prayer Bead expansion skills, but if you prefer Talismans and Prayer Beads to augment Akito’s stats, those skills would naturally be of more value to you.

Ground Core Grab

This one lets you instantly extract a core from downed enemies, making it one of the skills you should grab first. It only costs 10 Skill Points. 

Glide Duration Boost

This and its upgrade make exploration so much easier. Instead of having to trudge up the stairs of yet another apartment complex, you can just fly from the rooftops.

The first Glide Duration Boost costs 10 Skill Points, so you should be able to unlock that immediately after gaining the glide ability. The second one requires 15 Skill Points and 1 Magatama, which you can only get from completing certain quests.

Grapple - Summon Tengu

This is another excellent exploration skills since it manifests a Tengu from nowhere and lets you grapple to it immediately. No rooftop is ever out of reach – but it costs a whopping 45 Skill Points and 1 Magatama.

Quiver Boost

If you use the bow, the Quiver Boost set of skills is essential. The increased quiver size is relatively small, but it still makes a significant difference, letting you hold up to 20 arrows at the highest tier. The first Quiver Boost costs 10 Skill Points, and the other two will run you 15 Skill Points each.

Faster Sneaking

Stealth movement is incredibly slow to begin with, but the two Faster Sneaking skills boost your movement by 30% (10 Skill Points) and 60% (15 Skill Points and 1 Magatama) respectively.

Core Grab – Speed Boost

Likewise, the rate at which you yank out Visitor cores is painfully slow when your journey first begins. “Painful” is both literal and figurative in this case, since pulling out cores often means getting whacked a few times by other enemies.

The Core Grab Speed Boost makes this a much smoother process with less whacking potential for the Visitors you’ve yet to destroy.

The first Speed Boost costs 10 Skill Points and the second will set you back 15 Skill Points plus 1 Magatama.

Consumables Capacity Boost

There’s no shortage of consumables in Ghostwire Tokyo, and you’ll need as many as you can get in some of the tougher battles. Consumables Capacity Boost increases how many you can carry, up to 10 at the highest tier. Each boost costs 10 Skill Points, and the last one requires 1 Magatama as well.

Best Ethereal Weaving Skills

These are subject to your own preferences. For example, you might want your fire weave to go through enemies, where I prefer large explosions for a bigger area of effect.

Whatever your choice, Wind Weaving Speed Boost (15/20/40 Skill Points) is a must, since it lets you fire off more Wind shots than usual. With how slow your charged attacks are, Charge Speed Boost (15/20 Skill Points) is also a handy set of skills.

That's all you need to know about Ghostwire Tokyo's best skills, but make sure to check out our other Ghostwire Tokyo guides for more tips and tricks.


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Published Mar. 30th 2022

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