Tower of Fantasy: Where to Find Developer Logs on the Artificial Island

If you're look for the locations of all the Developer Logs in Tower of Fantasy's Artificial Island, this guide is for you.

After you arrive on the Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy and complete the introductory quest, you’ll receive a quest about getting ten Developer Logs. There’s no easy indication of where to find said logs or what they look like. You’ll need to collect all of them if you want to 100% the map, and this guide has their locations and the best way to get them fast.

Where to Find the Developer Logs on the Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy

For this guide, we assume you don’t have any of the Artificial Island Spacerifts active. For those Developer Logs that benefit from having a specific Spacerift unlocked, we’ll mention it in the entry.

The first five Developer Logs are around the Base Zero and Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon platforms. We’ll label these using directions related to those platforms for ease of access.

Developer Log #1: In the Heyna Camp West of the Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon Platform

Start your journey by heading southwest from the airship and west of the larger Dragon boss platform. There’s a small Hyena stronghold there with a Supply Pod II.

On the platform above the Pod is a wooden box. Destroy the box to reveal the Developer Log.

Developer Log #2: Northwest of the Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon Platform among some rocks

The next Developer Log is almost directly north of the first. Cross the river and look for a cluster of rocks and tall boulders jutting near the beach.

The Log is nestled in a crevice nearest the beach.

Developer Log #3: Northeast of the Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon Platform, Attached to a Sign

Head directly east of the second Log and climb up the mountainside. There will be a small industrial area with a sign in its northeastern section.

The third Developer Log is attached to the signpost.

Developer Log #4: West of the Airship Dock, Near a Tree

Keep making your way east toward the airship dock at Base Zero. Before you get there, jump down to the lower area just south of the rocks. The Developer Log is nestled near the base of a tree nearest the rocks.

If you don’t see its pop-up immediately, circle around the tree and keep close to it.

Developer Log #5: East of the Eyrie Spacerift Platform, on a hill near the truck

The next Log is near the southern locked truck hiding the Red Nucleus. The Developer Log sits on the hill just northeast of said truck, in the middle of some grass.

The following three Developer Logs are all east of the Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon platform in the Mount Sandy portion of the Artificial Island. We’ll use the long pipe extending from the mountainside as our point of reference. Having the Rusty Iron Camp Spacerift is helpful to reach this area quickly.

Developer Log #6: North of the Long Pipe in the Rusty Iron Camp, atop the Crashed Airship

North of the Spaceirft and the pipe is the Rusty Iron Camp, a Ravager outpost with a large crashed airship at its eastern side. To find this Developer Log, make your way up onto the airship ruin and go toward the tail wing.

The Log is on the ship’s spine.

Developer Log #7: On the Floating Platform West of the Pipe

The easiest way to get this Developer Log is to have access to the Eyrie Spacerift (found using our guide here) and glide down to it. You can also climb Mount Sandy to the east and glide down from there.

Either way, you’ll find the Log on one of the northern struts on the outside of the main platform.

Developer Log #8: Southwest of the Pipe in the Mine Base, Near a Truck

Glide down south from the floating platform into the Mine Base Ravager camp. Clear the enemies there and head to the truck underneath the metal overhang. There will be some small bottles you can pick up or break. Do either to reveal the Developer Log.

The final two Logs are far to the north of Base Zero, and the closest landmark is the Dock Entrance Spacerift, but traveling north from the Base will allow you to reach them easily enough.

Developer Log Location #9: West of the Dock Entrance Spacerift in the middle of a dirt path

Directly north of the Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon Platform and west of the Dock Entrance Spacerift is a dirt path leading toward some stairs and a Ravager Stronghold.

The Developer Log is In an intersection of paths near the yellow portal south of the stairs.

Developer Log Location #10: Near the Walled Off Tunnel, Beneath some Boxes

North from the ninth Developer Log and up the stairs is a tunnel walled off by hard-light barriers. On the platform near the tunnel are some enemies, a telescope, and some boxes.

At the platform’s northern end is a set of three boxes. Destroy them to reveal the final Developer Log.

With all ten logs in your inventory, head back to Kalador at Base Zero. He’ll thank you with some praise and a hefty purse of 100 Gold. The real reward was, of course, the friends we made along the way.

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Published Sep. 20th 2022

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