Bound By Flame Guide: Ranger Skill Tree

Need help with the Ranger skill tree? Not sure which skills to get or what order to get them in? Then, check out this detailed guide to answer all of your questions!

The Ranger is the dual-wielding skill tree in Bound By Flame. It boosts all attacks and action of the ranger/stealth stance in the game. This fighting style is great on its own, but also mixes well with pyromancer. There's even a skill in stealth that lets you get bonus damage from stealth while using crossbows and fire spells.

If you like playing rogues, enjoy fast-paced combat, and want to dodge a lot, then the Ranger skill tree is for you! If you'd like to see other guides and tips on Bound By Flame, please visit the Master Guide List.

This guide will cover everything about the Ranger skill tree including:

  • Ranger Skill List - Every skill in the Ranger tree and what they do.
  • Suggested Skills - Tips on what skills to look at and suggestions on what to get first.

Ranger Skill List

There are four tiers of the skill tree: Novice, Amateur, Expert, and Master. Each requires a certain number of points to reach the next tier and you start with Novice already unlocked. 

  • Amateur requires six points in the Ranger skill tree to unlock.
  • Expert requires 12 points.
  • Master requires 24 points.

Reaching these tiers unlocks new skills to use points on. There are five total skill lines: Fast Attacks, Assault, Stealth, Blocking, and Dodging. You must put points in the skill lines to unlock skills in the higher tiers of the tree.

Each skill has three levels to upgrade. After unlocking each tier, you can put points in equal to the number of the previous tier. For example: If you put two points in a skill and unlocked the next tier, you can only put two points in the next skill. Once you put three points in the previous skill, you can put 3 points in the higher skill.


Fast Attacks

  • Rain of Blades
    • Level 1 - Damage of daggers +10%. No interruption when an enemy parries your attacks.
    • Level 2 - Speed of sequence of daggers +15%.
    • Level 3 - Speed of sequence of daggers +30%.

  • Deviousness
    • Level 1 - Chance of critical hit with daggers +5%.
    • Level 2 - Chance of critical hit with daggers +10%.
    • Level 3 - Chance of critical hit with daggers when attacking from behind +20%.
  • Gift of the Viper (Requires Assault tree as well.)
    • Level 1 - Chance of poisoning with dagger + 10%.
    • Level 2 - Poisoned enemies do -15%  physical damage.
    • Level 3 - Poisoned enemies have -25% resistance to physical damage.


  • Expeditious
    • Level 1 - Changes target during an Assault.
    • Level 2 - Charging time for Assault -50%.
    • Level 3 - Chance of superhuman dodge for the duration of an Assault 30%.
  • Ravaging Assault
    • Level 1 - Ability to interrupt during Assault +40%
    • Level 2 - Damage of Assault +20%
    • Level 3 - Chance of critical hit during Assault +10%.


  • Invisibility
    • Level 1 - Move faster in Stealth.
    • Level 2 - Discretion in Stealth +100%
    • Level 3 - Enemies can no longer see your light (cancels stealth penalty).
  • Surprise
    • Level 1 - Damage of daggers on a surprised enemy +200%.
    • Level 2 - Chance of critical hit with a fire spell or crossbow shot on a surprised enemy +100%.
    • Level 3 - Reduces noise by -75% when a surprised enemy is killed in one blow.
  • Thirst For Blood
    • Level 1 - Chance of critical hit for 10 seconds after killing an enemy by surprise +5%.
    • Level 2 - Chance of critical hit +10%.
    • Level 3 - Experience gained from an enemy killed by surprise, as well as from enemies killed while the effect lasts, +50%.


  • Vivacity
    • Level 1 - Enables sprinting in combat. (Ranger Stance Only)
    • Level 2 - Move more quickly while parrying.
    • Level 3 - Damage taken while moving or dodging -10%. (Ranger Stance Only)


  • Reflexes
    • Level 1 - There is more time to riposte.
    • Level 2 - Chance of superhuman dodge when riposting +50%.
    • Level 3 - Chance of superhuman dodge when riposting +100%.
  • Rancor
    • Level 1 - Ripostes hit the enemy 3 times instead of twice.
    • Level 2 - Chance of critical hit on ripostes + 15%.
    • Level 3 - Chance of critical hit on ripostes + 30%.

Master Skill

  • Speed Demon
    • Level 1 - Time slows down while you act normally. Relative speed +60% for 10 seconds.
    • Level 2 - Relative speed +100%
    • Level 3 - Effect lasts 5 seconds longer.

Suggested Skills

Most of the skills are great and you'll want to pick them up. When you get them is another story.

  • Dual-wielding play styles require fast attacks, a lot of critical hits, and dodging everything. I suggest looking at those areas of skills first.
  • Blocking is less than helpful as a Ranger, so I wouldn't worry about points in those, you'll be dodging most of the time.

I would focus on putting points in the Dodging skill line first to make later fights much easier.

  • This line lets you counter enemies more easily and lets you dodge while countering.

Putting a point or two in Stealth early on helps a bunch too. 

  • This lets you move faster in stealth and makes detection harder.

Maxing the fast attacks and assault skill lines is a must.  

  • These increase your damage significantly.

Stealth is good to level after the others.

  • Even though you want the others first, this skill line helps by giving you huge boosts of damage before the fight even starts. 
  • Also helpful if you use fire spells or crossbows.
  • Doesn't help in boss fights, so the other skill lines help more overall.

That wraps up the Ranger skill tree guide. If you want tips and guides on anything else related to Bound By Flame, be sure to check out the Master Guide List.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know in the comments below!

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Published May. 22nd 2014
  • Erikem
    If you go interrupt daggers (the ones that have good base interrupt stat) and use interrupt crafted upgrades you can basically stunlock any given enemy except for probably last boss
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    Good idea. Interrupt helps a ton, especially for rangers where you can't really get hit or you'll die.
  • Erikem
    Actually it seems like a serious balance issue and IMHO devs should fix it. Smashing just single attack button (assault one) I can kill generals in the blackfrost domain and even concubines with no chance for them to even retalitate.

    As I've said the only problem is the last boss but even him you can keep stunlocked for some time. Such build strips any strategy from the game really - you just mash single button like mad and everything dies =)

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