Bound By Flame Master Guide List

Check here for every guide I do on Bound By Flame. I update it as I make new ones.

Bound By Flame has enough content to play through the game more than once if you want to experience everything. Through combat style choices, dealing with the demon inside you, and choosing your companions, there's plenty to see. 

Would you like to be quick, stealthy, and take down enemies while dual wielding daggers? Maybe, you want to stand tall and swing a mighty two-handed weapon? Of course, burning your enemies with the many fire skills is always an option. Whatever the case, I'll help you with whatever you need.

There's more than a few guides I'm doing on this game, so I'm putting them all in this convenient location. I've linked everything I've done for Bound By Flame  below. I've also put guides that I'm doing soon in bold, so you know what to expect.

Basic Combat Guides

Class/Skill Guides

Misc. Guides

If you have any questions, or suggestions for other guides, please let me know in the comments!

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Published May. 22nd 2014

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