Bound By Flame Guide: Pyromancer Skill Tree

Do you like to burn things? Then, Pyromancer is for you! Check out this guide to master fire spells!

The Pyromancer is the magic-based skill tree in Bound By Flame. It is not a separate stance like dual-wielding and warrior. Instead, they're skills that you use in any stance. It still has its own tree and you have to put points in it to make it better, like the other trees.

This skill tree is great on its own, but also very helpful for either of the other two fighting styles. If you like magic and long-ranged combat, or just making your other fighting styles more powerful, then the Pyromancer is for you!

If you'd like help with anything else in Bound By Flame, then please visit the Master Guide List.

This guide will cover everything about the Pyromancer skill tree including:

  • Pyromancer Skill List - Every skill in the Pyromancer tree and what they do.
  • Suggested Skills - Tips on what skills to look at and suggestions on what to get first.

Pyromancer Skill List

There are four tiers of the skill tree: Novice, Amateur, Expert, and Master. Each requires a certain number of points to reach the next tier and you start with Novice already unlocked. 

  • Amateur requires six points in the Pyromancer skill tree to unlock.
  • Expert requires 12 points.
  • Master requires 24 points.

Reaching these tiers unlocks new skills to use points on. There are five total skill lines: Orb of Fire, Burning Weapon, Concentration, Flame Mastery, and Intense Heat. You must put points in the skill lines to unlock skills in the higher tiers of the tree.

Each skill has three levels to upgrade. After unlocking each tier, you can put points in equal to the number of the previous tier. For example: If you put two points in a skill and unlocked the next tier, you can only put two points in the next skill. Once you put three points in the previous skill, you can put 3 points in the higher skill.


Orb of Fire

  • Upgraded Orb of Fire
    • Level 1 - Fire Damage +5.
    • Level 2 - Ability to interrupt +5.
    • Level 3 - Chance of critical hit +20%.
  • Multiple Orbs of Fire
    • Level 1 - Sends 2 more orbs of fire. (Fire damage 10 and ability to interrupt 10)
    • Level 2 - Critical hit send 4 more orbs of fire.
    • Level 3 - Damage from additional orbs of fire +5.
  • Conflagration (Requires Burning Weapon tree as well.)
    • Level 1 - Chance of setting an enemy on fire with Orb of fire or Burning weapon 20%. (Fire damage: 5 every second for 5 seconds.)
    • Level 2 - Burning enemies are more sensitive to fire. (Resistance to fire -50%.)
    • Level 3 - Critical hits automatically set affected enemies on fire.

Burning Weapon

  • Flaming Weapon
    • Level 1 - Fire Damage +5.
    • Level 2 - Duration of effect +5 seconds.
    • Level 3 - Spell is instantly cast.


  • Concentration
    • Level 1 - Interruption resist +10 while casting a spell.
    • Level 2 - Speed of sequence of spells +30%.
    • Level 3 - Magic points +10 when you kill an enemy.
  • Influx of the Worldheart
    • Level 1 - Magic regeneration +0.25 per second.
    • Level 2 - When under 30% magic, +0.50 additional magic regen per second.
    • Level 3 - When magic is maxed, +0.25 health regen.
  • Lava Blood
    • Level 1 - Fire damage for all spells + 25%.
    • Level 2 - Chance of critical hit with Orb of Fire and fire Wave +10%.
    • Level 3 - Duration of Burning weapon and Guardian Flames spells +5 seconds.

Guardian Flames

  • Flame Mastery
    • Level 1 - Invokes 4 guardian flames.
    • Level 2 - Additional Resistance to damage +10%.
    • Level 3 - Invokes 6 guardian flames.
  • Avenging Flames
    • Level 1 - Guardian Flames will damage anyone who attacks you. (Fire Damage: 10.)
    • Level 2 - Guardian Flames can interrupt the attacker. (Ability to interrupt: 20.)
    • Level 3 - Chance of setting the attacker on fire: 30%.

Fire Wave

  • Intense Heat
    • Level 1 - Reduces cost of spell by 5.
    • Level 2 - Spell is quicker to cast.
    • Level 3 - The wave knocks down all weaker enemies.
  • Devastating Heat
    • Level 1 - Fire damage +10.
    • Level 2 - Radius of effect +2m.
    • Level 3 - Chance of critical hit +10%.

Master Skill

  • Fire Spirit
    • Level 1 - Creates a fire spirit that send up to 4 fire orbs at enemies in an 8m radius.
    • Level 2 - Increases radius to 12m.
    • Level 3 - The spirit sends out 2 more fire orbs before disappearing.

Suggested Skills

I'll go over some skills, and order to get them in, for those wanting to use magic as their main source of damage.

  • Orb of Fire first. This is your main attack and does a lot of damage, especially when upgraded. I suggest at least upgrading to level 3 of the Novice tier.
  • Concentration is the best skill line. It adds damage to all your fire skills, critical hit chance, more orbs of fire, more magic/magic regen, and anything else you could want. Of course, you still need to put points in the other skills to make this worth it.
  • Flaming Weapon next, even if you don't use it much. You only need one tier of it, then you can put points in Conflagration, as long as you put point in Orb of Fire.
  • Pick up Guardian Flames and/or Fire Wave depending on what you want more. If you die easily, try using Guardian Flames. If you want to keep people away from you, use Fire Wave.

That wraps up the guide on the Pyromancer skill tree. If you want tips and guides on anything else related to Bound By Flame, be sure to check out the Master Guide List.

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below!

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Published May. 21st 2014

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