Bound By Flame Guide: Pyromancer Combat Tips

Want to know everything about pyromancer combat? Then look no further than this guide.

The Pyromancer skill tree isn't originally available to you when you start Bound By Flame. You unlock it after your first boss fight. It is a great skill tree with a variety of uses. You can use it to augment your melee combat, whether you choose dual-wielding or two-handed. You can play a classic fire mage with long-range attacks or fiery knockbacks. You can even use it to shield yourself to take less damage. Whatever you choose, this skill line is very helpful.

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This guide will cover everything about Pyromancer combat including:

  • Demonic Presence - What it is and why it is important.
  • Combat Basics - Basic tips to help you master this fighting style.
  • Pyromancer Skill Tree - What it is and why you should use it.
  • Feats - Helpful feats for this fighting style.

Demonic Presence - There isn't enough room for two souls.

The main part of Bound By Flame is dealing with the spirit that possesses your body. You can choose to control it and keep your humanity, or let it take over and turn into the demon. Both have positives and negatives. Different NPCs have different opinions on your possession, so you'll lose at least someone depending on which route you take.

Controlling the demon

If you don't want the spirit to possess more of your body, (sounds like a bad time, right?!) then you don't have to. You keep your humanity, and your appearance, but you don't get access to the bonuses of possession.

Letting the demon in

When you let the demon take over, your appearance starts to change. The more it possesses you, the more you start to look like it. This gives you access to automatic feats that you don't have to put points in. 

These feats give:

  • More Magic
  • Faster Magic Regeneration

Another part of the transformation is getting horns. This means that you can no longer wear helmets. Clever addition I might add. You also take more damage from ice attacks. Yeah, I don't get that part either. Still, if you plan to use Pyromancer as your main source of attack, letting the demon take possession is a good idea.

Combat Basics - Kill it with fire!

As stated before there are different ways to use the Pyromancer style. If you choose to use it defensively, or to augment your melee attacks, not much changes from the normal way of fighting. Just use Burning Weapon, Guardian Flames, or both when you start combat.

If you want to do more long-range or typical magic spells, you have to play differently. 

  • Orb of Fire is your main attack. It launches a fireball at the enemy.
  • The other attack is Fire Wave. This pushes enemies back in a 4m radius.

Considering these spells have a cast time, you want to stay away from enemies as much as possible. 

  • Keep your distance and watch your surroundings. Enemies can sneak up on you if you don't pay attention.
  • When they get too close, push them back with Fire Wave.
  • Guardian Flames can give you extra protection when they do get close to you.

Regardless of what you do, you still have to use weapons. The stance you are in is important, though you can switch at anytime.

I suggest Stealth Stance so you can dodge attacks if you're using long-range fire attacks. The Ranger skill tree also has some helpful skills for fiery combat.

Pyromancer Skill Tree - Everything Burns!

This skill tree is important for anyone using fire spells. There are several skills that increase damage, duration, and other helpful things for your fire spells.

  • The Orb of Fire tree increases damage, chance to critically hit, and adds more fireballs to the attack.
  • Burning Weapon increases the damage and duration of the skill. It also lets you cast it instantly.
  • Concentration is the most important no matter what you do. This decreases cast time, gives faster magic regeneration, increases damage of all fire spells, and increases chance to critically hit with Orb of Fire and Fire Wave.

  • Guardian Flames increases the damage resistance and adds damage when someone attacks you while you have the skill activated.
  •  Fire Wave reduces the cost, increases the damage, and decreases cast time.

When you get 24 points in the Pyromancer skill tree, you unlock Fire Spirit. This spell creates a spirit that shoots up to 4 fire orbs at enemies in an 8m radius. This is very helpful when combined with your other fire spells.

Feats - Helpful boosts

There are multiple feats that help with Pyromancer. Some aren't so obvious.


  • Energetic and Intense are obviously important because they raise your max magic.
  • Take Practical and Passionate no matter what you do. They increase the experience you get for killing enemies.


  • You need Temperate and Wise because they lower the cost of fire spells. Now you can use a lot more before running out.


  • Alchemist is great because it recovers an extra 25% magic when using a mana potion.
  • Apothecary is also something to get if you use a lot of magic. This lowers the number of ingredients required to make potions.

That's everything on using Pyromancer combat in Bound By Flame. If you want other guides on this game, be sure to go to the Master Guide List. If you have any questions, or suggestions, let me know in the comments.

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Published May. 13th 2014

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