The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Guide to Runestones, Runestone Diagrams, and Crafting

Are you looking to know more about runestones for weapons? How about crafting runestones? Well everything you need for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is right here.

Upon your journey throughout The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, finding the best weapons and armor is always a top priority. You may have noticed there are open slots available on various swords.

These are for Runestones which add bonuses to your weapons. Some may represent and enhance one of the various Signs so when you're in combat, you may get an added bonus.

Be sure to check here for more guides to help achieve success throughout your journey.

Here in this guide you'll find:



Item NameDescription$Rating#Disassembly
Lesser Runestone Required for runecrafting 95 Master 1 Infused Dust


Each of the runestones below can be disassembled into Infused Dust.

CategoryDescriptionName$RatingBonus Amount#
Stribog Stagger Lesser Stribog Runestone 155 Magic 2% 2
Greater Stribog Runestone 465 Relic 5% 4
Dazhbog Burning Lesser Dazhbog Runestone 170 Magic 2% 2
Greater Dazhbog Runestone 510 Relic 5% 4
Devana Bleeding Lesser Devana Runestone 195 Magic 2% 2
Greater Devana Runestone 585 Relic 5% 4
Zoria Frost Lesser Zoria Runestone 205 Magic 2% 2
Greater Zoria Runestone 615 Relic 5% 4
Morana Poison Lesser Morana Runestone 220 Magic 2% 2
Greater Morana Runestone 660 Relic 5% 4
Triglav Confuse Lesser Triglav Runestone 245 Magic 2% 2
Greater Triglav Runestone 735 Relic 5% 4
Svarog Armor Reduction Lesser Svarog Runestone 110 Magic 10 2
Greater Svarog Runestone 330 Relic 30 4
Chernobog Damage Reflection Lesser Chernobog Runestone 110 Magic 2% 2
Greater Chernobog Runestone 330 Relic 5% 4
Perun Adrenaline Gain Lesser Perun Runestone 110 Magic 2% 2
Greater Perun Runestone 330 Relic 5% 4
Veles Spell Power Lesser Veles Runestone 110 Magic 2% 2
Greater Veles Runestone 330 Relic 5% 4

Runestone Diagram Crafting


Since Runestones are important throughout The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you'll need to have them for the added benefits. It's nice to know that you don't just have to search for them. You can certainly purchase them from the various shopkeepers throughout the Northern Realms, but at those exploited prices who'd want to?

Diagrams will be your new best friend! You can find them throughout the game or purchase them from the shopkeepers like Kiera Mietz, the Witch in Midcopse, Velen. She has tons of them for sale! When you need them made, just head over to an Armorer.

Each of the Diagrams below require Master level craftsmen.

$Diagram NameCostItem 1 (Amount)Item 2 (Amount)
19 Diagram: Lesser Runestone 95 Black Pearl dust (1) Infused dust (1)
31 Diagram: Lesser Stribog Runestone 155 Runestone lesser (1) Amethyst dust (1)
93 Diagram: Greater Stribog Runestone 465 Rune Stribog lesser (3) N/A
34 Diagram: Lesser Dazhbog Runestone 170 Runestone lesser (1) Amber dust (1)
102 Diagram: Greater Dazhbog Runestone 510 Rune Dazhbog lesser (3) N/A
39 Diagram: Lesser Devana Runestone 170 Runestone lesser (1) Ruby dust (1)
117 Diagram: Greater Devana Runestone 510 Rune Devana lesser (3) N/A
41 Diagram: Lesser Zoria Runestone 195 Runestone lesser (1) Sapphire dust (1)
123 Diagram: Greater Zoria Runestone 615 Rune Zoria lesser (3) N/A
44 Diagram: Lesser Morana Runestone 220 Runestone lesser (1) Emerald dust (1)
132 Diagram: Greater Morana Runestone 660 Rune Morana lesser (3) N/A
49 Diagram: Lesser Triglav Runestone 245 Runestone lesser (1) Diamond dust (1)
147 Diagram: Greater Triglav Runestone 735 Rune Triglav lesser (3) N/A
22 Diagram: Lesser Svarog Runestone 110 Runestone lesser (1) Monstrous Saliva (1)
66 Diagram: Greater Svarog Runestone 330 Rune Svarog lesser (3) N/A
22 Diagram: Lesser Veles Runestone 110 Runestone lesser (1) Monstrous dust (1)
66 Diagram: Greater Veles Runestone 330 Rune Veles lesser (3) N/A
22 Diagram: Lesser Perun Runestone 110 Runestone lesser (1) Monstrous Brain (1)
66 Diagram: Greater Perun Runestone 330 Rune Perun lesser (3) N/A
22 Diagram: Lesser Chernobog Runestone 110 Runestone lesser (1) Monstrous Essence (1)
66 Diagram: Greater Chernobog Runestone 330 Rune Chernobog lesser (3) N/A


Go check out what else Kiera Mietz has for sale like:

Potion of Clearance: Costs 1000 coins

  • Returns all spent Ability Points to the available pool so you can redistribute them.

Manuscript Page: Chort Lure: Costs 38 coins

  • It's an item needed for an "unknown" quest

She also has books that you must read, recipes for oils, potions, and the Northern Wind bomb.

Hope this helps. Don't forget to check through The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Master Guide List for more helpful guides, tips, and tricks to assist you throughout your journey.

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