Tales of Xillia 2 Guide: Costume List

Want to know how to get all the costumes and attachments in Tales of Xillia 2? Then, check out this guide!

Costumes have become a trend in the "Tales of" series and Tales of Xillia 2 keeps that trend going. Whether its full costumes, or multiple attachments, you'll have plenty to choose from in this game.

There are several ways you can unlock costumes and attachments and that's where I come in. I'll explain where to get everything and separate them into different categories. I'll even separate costumes from attachments, so you to easily tell the difference.

For anything else related to Tales of Xillia 2, be sure to check the guide directory.

This guide will cover costumes and attachments including: 

  • Kitty Dispatch - Costumes and attachments from using Kitty Dispatch.
  • Jobs - Rewards from completing Job board requests.
  • Character Stories - Rewards for completing each character's personal stories.
  • Debt Repayment - Rewards for paying debt off.
  • Misc. - Rewards for poker, world items, and more.

Kitty Dispatch

These costumes and attachments come from sending kitties to certain locations. I listed the name of each, followed by the place you send them to.



  • Noise-Canceling Headphones - Duval
  • Milla's Bangs Replica - Milla's Shrine
  • Earmuffs - Xailen Woods Temple
  • Swordsman's Eyepatch - Drelin
  • Shiba Dog's Muzzle - Aladhi Seahaven
  • Shiba Dog Ears - Sapstrath Seahaven
  • Shiba Dog's Tail - Lakutam Seahaven
  • Superhero Belt - Spirius Corporation
  • Topknot - Orda Palace
  • Chirpee Head -Laforte Research center


  • Safety Goggles - Agent Training Facility
  • Emo Glasses - Kijara Seafalls

  • Mandragora Head - Sapstrath Deepwood
  • Rage Glasses - Bermia Gorge
  • Sheathed Dagger - Fort Gandala
  • Colored Sunglasses - Tatalian Abyss
  • Pet Dragon - Dimensional Breach
  • Harold Mask - Labari Hollow
  • Bandage - Fezebel Marsh
  • Monocle - Felgana Mine
  • Afro Puff - Land of Canaan
  • Black Bunny Ears - Nala Lava Tubes
  • White Bunny Ears - Kukhar Ice Caverns
  • Black Dog's Muzzle - Old Vicalle Mine


  • Hat - Galia Trail
  • Elf Ears - Nia Khera Spiritway
  • Monkey King's Headband - Xagut Floodmeadow
  • Framed Glasses - Sapstrath Highroad
  • Collar - Culmar Trail
  • Leather Belt - Talys Highroad
  • Loincloth - Rusalie Highroad
  • Half-frame Glasses - Lakutam Highroad
  • Goofy Glasses - Royal Hunting Grounds
  • Headband - Mon Highlands
  • Spaz Glasses - Xailen Woods
  • Aviators - Silea Tundra
  • Shamisen - Tulea Tundra
  • Sly Glasses - Barnauer Highroad
  • Black Dog Ears - Arklund Quag
  • Black Dog's Tail - Catamar Heights
  • Glowing Antennae - Voltea Woods

Job Board Requests

The job board can give several nice rewards, including costumes and attachments. The name of the job is listed on the right.


  • Chef's Outfit (Ludger) - The Spicy Chef
  • Chef's Haircut (Ludger) - The Spicy Chef
  • Spirit Xillia Outfit and Haircut (Milla) - Request from the Four


  • Chef's Hat (Ludger) - The Spicy Chef
  • Elle's Backpack - Father's Gift
  • Rideaux's Shades - Rideaux's Request
  • Hairpin - Meeting with Julius
  • Pigtails - Jolyne's Plea - Part 4
  • Rosy Cheeks - Jolyne's Plea - Part 5
  • Tiara - Jolyne's Plea - Part 6
  • Censor Bar - Jolyne's Plea - Part 7
  • Pipe - Jolyne's Plea - Part 8
  • Bedhead - Joylne's Plea - Part 9
  • Mr. Frog - Relaxing Leronde Lodge
  • Horns - The Veywind Eye Strikes Back
  • Tengu Mask - Poker Face
  • Ten Gallon Hat - From Vera with Sympathy
  • School Uniform (Jude) - Birds of a Feather
  • Gaius' Headband - Once Mercenaries
  • Security Badge - Bisley's Orders
  • Striped Hat - Trouble in the Area
  • Julius' Glasses - Traces of Kinship - Part 3
  • Bushy Eyebrows - Hassle at the Tatalian Abyss 5

Character Stories

These cover rewards for completing certain chapters of each character's personal stories. Raising Affinity with characters does not unlock costumes or attachments.

To make things easier, everyone except Milla get the costumes below when you complete chapter 1-3 of their personal character stories.


  • Color Variation - Chapter 1
  • Xillia Haircut and Xillia Outfit 1 - Chapter 2
  • Xillia Outfit 2 - Chapter 3

Some characters get extra things or at different times. I'll list the rest below.


  • Xillia Haircut 2 (Leia) - Leia, Chapter 3
  • Clean Cut (Alvin) - Alvin, Chapter 4
  • Color Variation (Milla) - Milla, Chapter 3
  • Xillia Haircut and Outfit 1 (Milla) - Milla, Chapter 4
  • Xillia Outfit 2 (Milla) - Milla, Chapter 5 


  • Bunniekins - Elize, Chapter 2

  • Feather Hairpin - Muzét, Chapter 2

Debt Repayment

Paying off your debt does more than you think! It even unlocks costumes and attachments. The total debt is 20 million. To make it easier, I'm going to separate them into 2 million increments. The order I list them in is the order you unlock them in.

I've only paid 12 million of the debt off, so I may be missing costumes or attachments. I'll update this guide as I find more.

1 miilion - 2 million 


  • No Jacket 1 (Ludger) 

3 million - 4 million


  • No Jacket (Alvin) 
  • Jacketless Haircut (Alvin)
  • No Jacket (Leia) 

7 million - 8 million


  • No Jacket (Rowen)

9 million - 10 million


  • No Jacket (Elize)


These are costumes and attachments that don't fit into any of the other categories. This includes the Poker mini-game.

You can buy Poker chips at the bar in Duval to unlock the items. You can also use them to gamble to get more chips without spending all your money.


  • Color Variation (Ludger) - Complete the main story.
  • Victor's Outfit (Ludger) - Complete the main story.
  • Ludger's Pajamas - In wardrobe in his room.
  • Xillia 1 Final Boss Outfit and Haircut (Gaius) - Orchard in Hamil after beating Milla's last story chapter. You'll see Gaius' sword from the final battle in Xillia 1. Examine to it to unlock. You'll also get the sword and a crest attachment.
  • Business Outfit and Fancy Haircut (Ludger) - Spirius Corporation - 40th floor.
    • It's in a chest in the Vice President's Office.

  • Gambler Outfit (Ludger) - 20,000 poker chips
  • Gambler Haircut (Ludger) - 5,000 chips
  • No Jacket 2 (Ludger) - 10,000 chips
  • Lady Xillia Outfit (Milla) - 25,000 chips
  • Casual Outfit (Alvin) - 25,000 chips


  • Therapy Cat - Collect all 100 kitties.
    • Talk to the girl you collected the kitties for. She's in the first room on the left on the first floor of your apartment.
    • She gives you clues to treasure. This one is at the throne in Kanbalar.
  • Halo - 5,000 chips
  • Angel Wings - 5,000 chips
  • Devil Wings - 5,000 chips
  • Drippy Nose - 3,500 chips
  • Earrings - 5,000 chips
  • Heart Eyepatch - 5,000 chips
  • Top Hat - 5,000 chips
  • Mini Top Hat - 5,000 chips
  • Sideburns - 3,500 chips
  • Ducktail - 3,500 chips

That's it for the costumes guide. Again, if you notice anything missing, please let me know, and I'll add it.

For more tips and guides on Tales of Xillia 2, check out the guide directory.

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Published Nov. 3rd 2014
  • 8bit_Calamity
    Someone already mentioned Lugder's pajama's which is missing from this list, but I also found a costume for Gaius. I don't know when it first becomes available, but I found it after I beat the game. In the orchard in Hamil you'll see the sword Gaius uses in the final boss fight of Xillia 1, and if you examine it you get the final boss costume and haircut for Gaius, as well as the sword and an attachment.
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    Thanks, I added both.
  • Madelaine_1792
    Thanks for posting this! Really helpful :)
    I also found Ludgers pajamas in his own wardrobe in his apartment ;)
  • Zelly_5933
    Hello! I've been poking the net about ToX2 since I beat it and I know for a fact there's at LEAST one more costume to unlock. My theory is that Ludger gets a new costume (possibly attachment or hair style are possible too?) every time you max out a character's affinity, but I can't guarantee this. Of course, I've only maxed Muz├ęt's affinity thus far and gotten a new costume for Ludger (more like another alt color outfit really) out of it so I only have her to base this off of.
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    Thanks, that's good to know! I haven't gotten anyone past 8 affinity yet, so I didn't know. I'll try the others to find out.

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