Pathologic 2 Shop, Herbs, And Hidden Stash Map Locations

Can't find the hidden kid stashes or need to quickly get to a grocery store to avoid starvation? We show you where everything can be found in the city so you won't get lost!

The key to survival in horror reboot Pathologic 2 is all about quickly learning how to properly navigate the confusing city layout to avoid infected areas, stay away from crazed drunks at night, and find places to trade for food or take a few hours off for resting.

Just simply getting stuck behind a wall with no way to the next district can be the difference between life and death when your hunger and thirst meters bottom out, or when you find yourself empty on immunity as the plague moves into a new area.

Still getting acquainted with the map layout and not quite sure where to go yet? Below we break down the locations of any place you might want to go, from clothes stores for better equipment to grocery stores for picking up some salted fish or dried toast.

Want to know where to manually save your game instead? We've got all the save clock locations listed over here.

Pathologic 2 Kid Stash Locations

Each stash location is marked with the  icon in the map above.

These hidden kid gang stash locations are extremely helpful in getting items to trade once the prices at the shops skyrocket and you are constantly starving. Don't grab them all right away though, as you'll run out of inventory space quickly and its best to leave some around for emergency situations.

Just don't forget -- you need to follow the rules and put at least one item from your inventory back into the stash when you take all the loot out!

While you can find the stash locations at any time through exploration, eventually you'll get a quest to track them all down if you interact with the Soul And A Half gang peacefully.

Pathologic 2 Clothes Store Locations

Each clothes store is marked with a  icon in the map above. Head to these locations to grab new masks, shirts, boots, and pants to increase your damage reduction in combat as well as your immunity.

Pathologic 2 Grocery Locations

Each grocery store is marked with a  icon in the map above. These will be your lifeline in the first few days as you struggle not to starve to death but have plenty of actual coins to spend. You may want to stock up on as much as you can on the first day when prices are still low.

Unfortunately, the grocery prices quickly become more expensive than they are worth and will need to start trading for food instead starting on day 3.

What people want in exchange for food will frequently be items you don't want to part with, however, like immunity boosters or items for repairing the workshop components in the Haruspex's lair.

Pathologic 2 Herb Locations

Each herb root dig location is marked with a  icon in the map above.

These locations are where you can find the three different kinds of herbs for crafting vaccines to use while trying to heal various NPCs. You'll need quite a few of these if you want to try to save as many people as possible inbetween main story missions.

Pathologic 2 Shop Locations

The coin shops are marked with the  icon in the map above. Unlike most locations, these shops will take actual money for a variety of items rather than directly trading. If you've got extra money to spare, they can be a great resource for picking up items you need to trade or use for repairs.

Pathologic 2 Pharmacy Locations

Each pharmacy found in the city is marked with the  icon in the map above. Whether you take damage from starvation or getting pummeled by angry townsfolk, eventually you'll need to head here to buy bandages and tourniquets to stay alive.

Have you found any other locations that we missed in our playthrough? Let us know in the comments section and we'll get the maps updated!

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Published May. 24th 2019

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