How to Get More Titanium in Far Cry New Dawn

Titanium is essential for crafting certain guns and vehicles in Far Cry New Dawn. This guide will show you how to get titanium by hunting animals, completing expeditions and missions, and liberating outposts.

Titanium is essential for crafting some of the mid- to high-level weapons and vehicles in Far Cry New Dawn. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get it. 

The primary thing to keep in mind while playing is that titanium isn't simply lying on the ground. Unlike other crafting supplies such as duct tape, copper, gears, and springs, titanium can only be found in certain locations or by performing certain activities. 

Below, we'll outline what those activities are as well as provide links to more detailed information, such as how to find Far Cry New Dawn's many safes, which always contain a good amount of reliable titanium. 

Farm Titanium by Hunting Animals

When you hunt and kill an animal in Far Cry New Dawn, you are rewarded with a pelt, sometimes two if you're lucky. However, unlike previous Far Cry games, you won't use these pelts to craft with (except for some Monstrous animal skins). Instead, these pelts are primarily used to get various other crafting supplies, such as copper, duct tape, black powder, and solvent. 

However, some reward you with titanium. 

To trade animal pelts for resources such as titanium, you can either visit the game's traveling traders, which are denoted by green, three-tiered bag icons in the game world, or simply open the workbench or the garage in Prosperity or any liberated outpost.

After opening a workbench or talking to a trader, click "Trade Loot" in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to open the trade menu. 

Here is a list of the animals you need to hunt as well as the amount of titanium they will give when selling their skins: 

  • Level 2 Wolf skin: 30 titanium each
  • Level 3 Black Bear skin: 40 titanium each
  • Level 3 Grizzly Bear skin: 40 titanium each

Get Titanium from Expeditions

Expeditions are brand-new to Far Cry New Dawn, and they provide some of the game's most unique content. Instead of taking place in Hope County, Expeditions allow players to experience areas outside of the "boundaries of the setting in which the game takes place," taking them to maps set on aircraft carriers, at Alcatraz, and even amongst the wreckage of the International Space Station.

Much like Outposts, Expeditions increase in difficulty, delivering harder odds and more lucrative loot. The main difference is that difficulties are determined by the game as you complete more Expeditions, whereas you control when Outposts get harder.

Although I wasn't able to unlock all four levels of each expedition, I was able to get through the first two levels of the first three Expeditions by launch. 

For those first two levels, you are rewarded with 300 titanium for each Level 1 completion, and 350 titanium for each Level 2 completion. As Expeditions can ultimately reach Level 4 difficulty, the titanium rewards they provide are obviously highly profitable. 

However, each level provides new challenges, making them increasingly difficult to complete alone. For levels three and higher, having a co-op partner is a must. 

Unlock Safes for Titanium

There are dozens of safes in Far Cry New Dawn, and every one of them contains some amount of titanium; typically, values range between 15 and 20 titanium for each safe.

As you play, you'll find some safes while completing the game's treasure hunts. Other safes you'll find while completing specialist side missions or by simply exploring the world. 

However, before venturing out, you'll want to unlock the Lockpick skill as quickly as possible. You won't be able to unlock safes without it. Luckily, an added benefit is that the Lockpicking skill also keeps you from having to track down keys for various locked doors, which often hide either safes or much-needed crafting materials. 

Although not as lucrative as Expeditions, unlocking safes is fantastic way to get titanium throughout the main New Dawn experience. Since a majority of locations have safes, it's an easy way to wrack up what you need for new weapons and some vehicles, such as the helicopter. 

You can see our full safes locations guide for more in-depth info on those you can find by completing side missions, story missions, and outpost. Our compete treasure hunt guide will help you find all 10 safes hidden away in prepper stashes.  

Buy Crafting Materials Packs

Ideally, you never want buy any materials packs for titanium; there's really no reason to spend real-world money when you consider titanium is relatively easy to obtain. By completing all of the tasks above, you will acquire more than enough titanium for what you need to craft in Far Cry New Dawn

However, if you want to speed things up and don't mind spending real-world cash to do so, this is what the following crafting materials packs provide: 

  • Small Crafting Pack: 300 titanium
    • Cost: 250 Far Cry credits
  • Medium Crafting Pack: 630 titanium
    • Cost: 500 Far Cry credits
  • Large Crafting Pack: 1,380 titanium
    • Cost: 1,000 Far Cry credits. 

To put things in perspective, 500 credits costs $4.99, and 1,000 credits costs $9.99. In my experience, you won't need much more than 1,380 titanium throughout the entire game, so it all boils down to if you want to plunk down the extra cash or experience New Dawn more organically.  


And there you have it, the best ways to get more than enough titanium to craft weapons and vehicles in Far Cry New Dawn. Be sure to check out our other Far Cry New Dawn guides for more information on best perks, the best upgrades for Prosperity, safes, animal locations, and more. 

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Published Feb. 15th 2019

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