9 Best Fallout 4 PS4 Cheat Mods

Having trouble getting through vaults filled with super mutants or keeping your settlements going strong? These PS4 cheat mods for Fallout 4 will ensure you never have to reload your game and make it to the end without a scratch!

Having trouble getting through vaults filled with super mutants or keeping your settlements going strong? These PS4 cheat mods for Fallout 4 will ensure you never have to reload your game and make it to the end without a scratch!
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With a single keystroke, PC players have always been able to pull up the console command input and make any changes they wanted to Fallout 4's rendition of the Boston Commonwealth.

Tired of getting blown up in one shot by super mutants with grenades and can't stand how scarce fusion cores are for your power armor? No problem -- just give yourself 10,000 of them.

Console players, on the other hand, have been stuck with vanilla Fallout 4 for far too long -- and while I've sunk a good 50+ hours into the vanilla version, I still think its easily the least satisfying of all the Fallout experiences so far. That's where mods (finally) come in, providing sorely needed changes that Bethesda hasn't gotten around to making and vastly increasing your in-game options.

Unfortunately, there are fewer overall mods for the PS4 due to Sony's restrictions on external assets. But if you want to cheat your way through some of the game's more difficult battles, there's plenty of mods ready and waiting to ease the Sole Survivor's pain (and increase his ammo count).

Higher Starting SPECIAL

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This is a quick and easy mod for if you just want to cheat a little and not a whole lot. Rather than the normal attribute distribution, you'll have a full 70 points to arrange at character creation, meaning your Sole Survivor will start his or her Commonwealth journey with a full 10 in every attribute.

It's a nice boon from the start that allows access to all skills as you leve --, but it doesn't totally overbalance everything like many of the cheats that give access to infinite ammo or power suit fusion cores.

Unlimited Carry Weight

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Another cheat that changes just one element of the game, this mod lets you pick up a ring that changes your carry weight limit to an unlimited amount. 

That is pretty unbalancing, since weight and inventory management is a big aspect of the Fallout series. But if you get tired of having to decide what junk and weapons to carry, this is a great mod to try out.

There is a downside though -- it's only for those on a playthrough that doesn't use power armor, as the ring doesn't work while you are in a power armor suit.

Faster Positive Affinity For Companions

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Tired of how long it takes to reach max affinity with new companions in Fallout 4? With this mod, the positive affinity accrual rate is increased five times -- and there's no longer a cooldown period between when you can improve your relationship with a companion.

While you won't instantly get to the max affinity, it won't take nearly as long. It's a simple change that can make the game much more enjoyable, especially if this is your third or fourth playthrough and you'd like to get to the good stuff already with a different companion.

Choose Your Own Perks

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With the leveling system overhaul and removal of the level cap entirely in Fallout 4, the perk system can get pretty unwieldy. By installing this mod, you remove all restrictions and make it possible to get any perk you want.

There is a caveat here, however. The lack of external assets and restrictions on how mods work on the PS4 means this choose-your-own-perk system requires reading a specific book for each perk. That can be time-consuming if you're going for a ton of new perks (although obviously less time-consuming than leveling 100s of times to get all the perks normally).

Wolverine Ring

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Full invincibility can make a game quickly become boring, as there's no longer any challenge -- but adding an overpowered boost to your health on the other hand...

By grabbing this ring, the Sole Survivor gains big bonuses to health regeneration both in and out of combat, meaning you'll have to use stim packs far less often and can stay in battle longer.

AP regeneration also gets a big boost, so popping into VATS mode for some killer criticals will be your standard method of playing, rather than firing from the hip.

OP Weapons

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Think the legendary wounding minigun was overpowered? Well, it was -- but that's just the tip of the iceberg in vanilla, with OP weaponry galore to be found from the modding community.

This one adds in several containers with tons of overpowered goodies, from items to weapons and ammo and even equipment that drastically increases your various stats.

If you want to know what it's like to stride through the Commonwealth wasteland as a veritable god among men, mowing down all raiders and deathclaws in your path, this is the mod for you.

Quick Hack And Pick

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There comes a point where the super high level lock picks and seven-letter computer hacks just become tedious.

This mod makes it so there's only one word offered in computer hacks, and locks are cracked no matter where you put the bobby pin! No more tiny corrections left and right while your bobby pins shatter to pieces by the dozens.

Cheat Container

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For the settlement builders among us, you know that finding all the various components you need for any given set piece can become incredibly frustrating.

Forget about searching down heavy junk you need to carry back to your settlement -- this mod gives you a whopping 60,000 of every single component in a handful of toolboxes.

Its unlikely you'll ever run out of parts to make anything you want for your ideal wasteland home!

Developer Room

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This was the go-to cheat for PC players for a long time, allowing access to a secret "developer room" containing every item and suit of power armor in the base game.

It was a fun way to try out everything in the game without having to fully search the whole map, and now PS4 players can get in on the cheating action. Just install the mod, access the doorway, and have fun trying out any weapon, armor, grenade, or item from the base game prior to the DLC additions.

With those mods installed you shouldn't have any problems breezing through the base Fallout 4 campaign and the DLC expansions!

What's your favorite cheat mod, and did we miss any that should be added to the list? Let us know in the comments section! If you still want to try out all the modding community has to offer, be sure to check out these other lists of awesome Fallout 4 mod options: