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All Canned Dog Food Fallout 76 Locations

Here's all canned dog food Fallout 76 locations and how to improve your odds of finding one.

Canned dog food is a pre-war consumable item in Fallout 76 that is an excellent food source to fill your hunger meter. However, knowing where to find enough cans can be challenging due to its limited spawn locations and rate. Here’s all Canned Dog Food Fallout 76 locations in Appalachia.

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All Canned Dog Food Locations in Fallout 76

You can increase your chances of finding canned dog food in Fallout 76 using the Can Do! perk. This perk provides a 6.25%, 7.5%, or 10% increased chance of finding canned dog food in any food container in Appalachia.

A can of dog food has a 100% to spawn at the below locations:

  • Charleston Landfill: Look for a single dog food can in a shopping cart underneath a railroad underpass.
  • Dagger’s Den: Head to the pool house area on the west side of this location to find a single can sitting next to a blue dog bowl.
  • Grafton Dam: One can of dog food sits in a small boat floating at the dam’s base.
  • South Cutthroat Ramp: Follow the railroad tracks southwest of this location until you see a burning barrel with a cultist totem. You’ll find one dog food can sitting on the burning barrel.

You have a 25% chance to find a can of dog food at the following locations:

  • Appalachian Antiques: One canned dog foot sits on the shelves behind the main counter on the first floor.
  • Blackwater Mine: A total of seven cans have a chance to spawn at this location.
  • Clarksburg: Head to the town’s pharmacy to find four cans on the shelves.
  • Mama Dolce’s Food Processing: You’ll find six cans of dog food sitting in bins on the conveyor belts and the shelves. In addition, look for a house south of this location. There is a chance for four dog food cans to spawn on its porch.
  • Mount Blair Trainyard: Look for two cans sitting on a green colored train car with U.S.A. painted in white paint.
  • Ranger District Office: Four cans of dog food may spawn in the operating room and four in the enclosure.
  • W.V. Lumber Co.: Seven cans can spawn in various locations throughout the camp. For example, you must look at the lumber mill, tents, and shipping crates.

How to get Weenie Wagon in Fallout 76

Art asset for the Weenie Wagon in Fallout 76.
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The Weenie Wagon is a C.A.M.P. or Workshop resource collector that generates a single can of dog food every 10 minutes and 12 seconds. It can also hold up to a maximum of 12 cans in total. Unfortunately, the only way to get the Weenie Wagon plan was by completing Grahm’s Meat-Cook Event with a 50%, 75%, or 100% success rate. The event typically starts in August every year, but in 2024, it began in May and ended in June.

If you didn’t get a Weenie Wagon plan from Grahm’s Meat-Cook event, you can collect dog food from other players’ Weenie Wagons if it is unlocked. Find a player’s camp using the map, travel there, and interact with their Weenie Wagon to collect it. This method is perfect for finding enough canned dog food for timed challenges if you can’t find any at its normal spawn locations.

Now that you know where all Canned Dog Food Fallout 76 locations are, you’ll build a study supply of the best food in the game. Check out our Fallout 76 hub for more guides like All Glowing Creature Locations, a type of NPC you’ll need to kill for other timed challenges.

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