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Doom Guy's helmet
Image via id Software

All DOOM Eternal Console Commands and Cheats

*Meathook from Mick Gordon inevitably starts playing*

DOOM Eternal, like many video games where id Software got involved, has a console that you can use to input various commands and cheats to alter your game experience. This is there to make the experience easier or just to let you have more fun. I am bringing you all the console commands and cheats for DOOM Eternal.

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How to Turn on Console Cheats in DOOM Eternal

The console in DOOM Eternal is opened by pressing the tilde (backquote) key on your keyboard. It’s the key left of 1, under Escape, and above Tab. Once the console is open, you type in the command and press Enter to apply it. When you’re done, you press (`) / (~) again to exit the console. Here are the DOOM Eternal console commands that are available in stock, unmodded version of the game.

Console CommandWhat the Console Command Does
listcmdsLists every console command in Doom Eternal for you.
bindBinds a command to a specific keyboard key or a mouse button (depending on what you map, for example, “bind k kill” makes the “k” button on your keyboard kill your own character.
unbindThe almighty “god mode” known from hundreds of FPS games. Makes you impervious to all damage and death in general.
killImmediately kills your character. Oops.
godThe almighty “god mode,” known from hundreds of FPS games. Makes you impervious to all damage and death in general.
giveGrants you an item or a weapon that you type in after the command. Imagine playing with BFG since Level 1?
removeInventoryItemRemoves an item of your choice from your inventory
warning_disableRemoves the warnings from the console. What you can’t read can’t harm you, right?
gibaliciousClears the current level of all enemies. So that your level experience becomes a non-violent stroll in the park.
disconnectIf you are in a multiplayer match, this will disconnect you from the server.

List of all DOOM Eternal Cheat Codes

DOOM Eternal doesn’t have all the cheats available in the console like most of us are used to in FPS games. Instead, you need to find the Cheat Codes on specific levels. After you do that, they become available for you to use through the menu.

Cheat CodeWhat Does the Cheat Code DoWhere to Get the Cheat Code
All RunesUnlocks every rune.Fortress of Doom
Famine ModeWhen you kill a Demon, you won’t get any Health or Armor from them.Nekravol
Fully Upgraded SuitEvery Praetor Suit Perk is available and unlocked.Fortress of Doom
IDDQDSentinel Armor will be active (IDDQD is a reference to a God Mode cheat code from the first Doom games)Cultist Base
IDKFAEvery weapon is unlocked and fully mastered. Every piece of equipment is unlocked. (IDKFA is a reference to a cheat code from the first Doom games that gave you all the weapons)ARC Complex
Infinite Extra LivesGives you Infinite Extra Lives.Hell on Earth
Infinite AmmoGives you Infinite Ammo.Super Gore Nest
Instant Stagger ModeRegular enemies will be staggered whenever an appropriate weapon/effect is applied on them.Nekravol Part II
Party ModeDemons burst into confetti when you “gib” them.Urdak
Powerup Mode: BerserkInfinite Berserk powerup. Does not work on all levels.Nekravol Part II
Powerup Mode: OnslaughtPemanent Onslaught power-up.Mars Core
Powerup Mode: OverdrivePermanent Overdrive power-up.Taras Nabad
Silver Bullet ModeStaggered demons die instantly after you attack them with anything.Doom Hunter Base
QuakeCon ModePermanent Onslaught power-up.Purchasing all Praetor Suit perks

Doom Eternal is, in our opinion, one of the best Steam Deck games. Check out what else we’ve got on the list. If you happen to try Mighty Doom, a spin-off of the Doom franchise, we’ve got all Mighty Doom boss fight guides.

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