Noxious Weeds in Edge Cliffs, Lightyear Frontier
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All Edge Cliffs Noxious Weed Locations in Lightyear Frontier

Time for some spring cleaning of the Noxious Weeds from Edge Cliffs.

Edge Cliff is a relatively small location compared to most of them in Lightyear Frontier. This didn’t stop Noxious Weed from plaguing it. In this guide, I’ll help you find every Noxious Weed in Edge Cliff and cleanse it so Edge Cliff can be freed.

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Location of Every Noxious Weed in Edge Cliffs in Lightyear Frontier

You’ll find Noxious Weed in a few parts of Edge Cliff. Luckily, they are grouped in fairly large patches. You just need to keep track of where you’re doing the cleansing so you don’t lose the “patch,” and you’ll be good to go.

One of the groups is located around the very center of Edge Cliffs, just under the word “Cliffs” on the map. You’ll have an easy time spotting and tracking these.

Noxious Weed Edge Cliffs Map Lightyear Frontier
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The second group is located in the eastern section of Edge Cliffs, just underneath the ruins, where you can pick up Artifacts in this area. It’s a big spot for Noxious Weeds, and you’ll spend quite some time weeding them all out. Make sure to be thorough. It’s important to reach 95% on the progress bar you’ll keep seeing at the top of your screen. At 95%, the region is considered cleansed, and you’ll be able to see it on the map. After, a cutscene will pop up the next morning, showing a strange door. If you want to find this strange door structure, I’ll gladly help you.

Noxious Weed Edge Cliffs Map Lightyear Frontier
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Cleaning up Edge Cliffs from Noxious Weeds and getting the area’s Artifacts is not really that difficult. But, I’ve got a new challenge for you. Check out how to get all Artifacts in the Power Station in the area just south of here. You can also learn some other neat tips and tricks by visiting our Lightyear Frontier hub.

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