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Lost enemy aiming a gun.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

All New Enemies in Fallout 76 Skyline Valley

Skyline Valley has multiple new enemies to slay in Fallout 76.

There are a handful of new enemies looking to take your vault dweller’s life in Fallout 76‘s Skyline Valley Region. From a new type of Ghoul to event bosses, these enemies add new features for you to deal with, including new weapons. These are all the new enemies in Fallout 76 Skyline Valley.

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All Enemies Introduced in Fallout 76 Skyline Valley

Five new types of enemies appear in Fallout 76 Skyline Valley. While some are variants of well-known creatures, others are completely new to the franchise. Here are the new enemies listed:

  • Lost
  • Alpha Thrasher
  • Communists
  • Legendary Thunder Crab
  • Storm Goliath

The Lost

The Lost are a variant of Ghoul that has been affected by the storm that rages over Skyline Valley. Created during an experimental accident with the weather control machine, they’re now connected to the storm itself. You can tell a Lost apart from a typical Ghoul thanks to the lightning marks across their face, as well as their eyes having a purple tint.

Lost enemy in Skyline Valley.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

When speaking, the Lost have a charged, electrical tone to their voice. They often sound like they are all one person. They also see everyone else as demons or creatures to be defeated, hence their aggression. There are a variety of Lost enemy types:

  • Feral Lost
  • Lost Builder
  • Lost Champion
  • Lost Dweller
  • Lost Engineer
  • Lost Exalted Champion
  • Lost Heavy Engineer
  • Lost Robot Master
  • Lost Welder


The newest wild creature to roam the wasteland is the Thrasher. It’s a mutated turkey with only tail feathers, though some might appear completely featherless. They’re much larger than the turkeys found in the wild today and are missing their wings. You’ll see them running, often as a trio, through the woods.

Alpha Thrasher in Skyline Valley.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

They attack with their back legs and beaks and will chase after you if you flee. They seem to come from Pheasants, though that hasn’t been confirmed by the Fo76 team. However, they can be found near nests with Pheasants wandering nearby. You may encounter Alpha Thrashers or Toxic Thrashers in addition to the normal version.

Communist Humans

While Communist Feral Ghouls have been in Fo76 for some time, Communist Humans are a new addition. They’ve made their base at Camp Liberty but can be found trying to overtake other areas in Skyline Valley. You’ll need to fight through them to begin the Pioneer treasure hunt.

Communist human enemy at Camp Liberty.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Legendary Thunder Crab

The Hermit Crab is no longer the only one of its kind in Fallout 76. The Legendary Thunder Crab is the final boss of the world event Dangerous Pastimes, fully charged by the storm. It still appears out of a rundown vehicle, this time a broken van for the Lobster Grill. It has a large health pool, but given it’s an event boss, it should be no problem to defeat with a few other participants.

Legendary Thunder Crab vehicle shell.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Storm Goliath

Much like the Legendary Thunder Crab, the Storm Goliaths are an event boss for Neurological Warfare. There are three Storm Goliaths in the event. They all have high health and heavy-hitting attacks. As the event starts, they’ll be separated, but soon, the barriers will come down, allowing the robots to move. As one Storm Goliath drops, the others get stronger, especially when there’s only one left.

Storm Goliath boss in Neurological Warfare event.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

When compared to other boss events, each Storm Goliath could be seen as an Earle Williams, the Wendigo Colossus. The event I participated in had close to 20 members and still took nearly half the time to complete. Definitely, be prepared when deciding to join Neurological Warfare.

Those are the five new enemy types introduced in Skyline Valley for Fallout 76. Some of them can be found while wandering Appalachia, while others are specific to the new events. For more help with the region, check out our Fo76 guides vault.

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