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Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Side with Glut or Spaw in the Underdark?

Two mushrooms vie for control in Baldur's Gate 3. Here's whether you should side with Glut or Spaw.

You might be wondering whether you should side with Glut or Spaw in the Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3. Spaw is the nominal leader of the Myconid Colony in the Underdark. Glut, meanwhile, is a renegade who wants to attain more power. You can choose one or the other, or you can avoid making a decision entirely.

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Should You Side With Glut or Spaw in the Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3?

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Glut or Spaw dilemma takes place in the Underdark, specifically after you’ve avenged Glut’s Circle. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Spaw has various tasks for you, including the elimination of the Duergar.
  • Glut is also in the Myconid Colony. He’s near the water pool area, and he wants to take out the Duergar as well.
  • If you talk to Glut, he says that he wants to join you. He’ll then act as a follower, not a full-fledged companion. Likewise, he can only stay in the Underdark area (he’s a mushroom person, after all). He’ll return to his original spot if you fast travel to an overland region, and you can ask him to buddy up again.
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How to Defeat the Duergar in BG3

The Duergar are found in the central section of the Underdark (X:18; Y:-195). I suggest taking note of the following before you approach them:

  • If Glut is with you, make sure he’s further away (a full screen or so). That’s because the Duergar will automatically turn hostile if they detect Glut nearby.
  • If you’re able to talk peacefully with the Duergar, one of them will mention their superior’s lost footwear. This starts the side quest for Sergeant Thrinn’s Lost Boots.
  • The area is surrounded by several wooden platforms and scaffoldings. If you’re ready to fight the Duergar, I suggest making use of the Shove action or Thunderwave spell to push your enemies to their doom. However, I should also add that some of these Duergar will cause miners to rise from the dead. Be ready to bring down the zombified dwarves if they get too close.
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The Glut or Spaw Dilemma: Which One is Better?

After you beat the Duergar enemies, Glut says that his circle has been avenged. This kickstarts the Baldur’s Gate 3 Glut or Spaw choice.

You’ll notice that eliminating the Duergar made Glut stronger, as he’s now Sovereign Glut. His abilities include Timmask Spores that can cause befuddlement, and Bibberbang Spores that create noxious fumes. Moreover, the Haste Spores grant bonus movement range and an extra action for your allies.

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Because of the above, Glut feels that he has the right to challenge Spaw for control of the Myconid Colony. However, when deciding on whether to side with Glut or Spaw in Baldur’s Gate 3, you need to be mindful of the pros and cons:

  • If you side with Glut: You’ll have to battle every single NPC in the Myconid Colony. No one likes Glut at all. That means you could potentially lose out on quests and additional interactions, not to mention merchant services. Examples include the aforementioned Sergeant Thrinn’s Missing Boots, as well as Deliver Nere’s Head, Save the Mushroom Picker, Omeluum’s cure in the Arcane Tower, and Retrieve Omeluum. At best, Glut will call you a King Maker, and that’s that. Personally, I don’t think that this is worth the the hassle at all.
  • If you side with Spaw or if you ignore Glut: You simply preserve the status quo, and people are none the wiser. In fact, I simply left Glut back in his old spot. When I progressed further in Act 1, I revisited him, and he’s just there, biding his time for a coup that will never happen. As an aside, I never did see the Myconids later in the game. Since they couldn’t leave the Underdark, and you won’t be able to go back once you’ve started Act 2, it doesn’t seem like there’s a long-term consequence.

That’s all you need to know about siding with Glut or Spaw in Baldur’s Gate 3. One option, Spaw, really has all the positives going for it. For more tips and tactics, visit our BG3 guides hub.

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