Best 10 LEGO Fortnite Seeds

Here are the best 10 LEGO Fortnite seeds that we've found in the game so far.

Lego characters farming and planting seeds
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LEGO Fortnite players can create their own worlds in the game using the sandbox component, which is available in the advanced settings menu. Our guide will make things easier for you and provide you with the best 10 seeds that we’ve found so far.

Top 10 Best Seeds in LEGO Fortnite

Seed: 19827364

Lego character floating over a tower
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Spawn right next to a wooden ramp with a chest, a large box, and a barrel. The chest contains several corn and veggie seeds, so you can quickly start your farming quest here. Down the hill, you’ll see a vast beach with plenty of resources.

Seed: 287364728

Lego character floating over a house
Screenshot by GameSkinny

If you’re looking for a base right at spawn, then check out this seed with a house that requires some repairing. But other than that, there are plenty of resources all around, which can give a good start to a survival game.

Seed: 183746283

Lego character moving towards desert
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Dry Valley is one of the rarest biomes in LEGO Fortnite, but I was able to spot it very close to spawn in this seed. What makes it really special is the presence of the house near the spawn. It can easily be turned into your own base with just a few adjustments.

Seed: 384729384

A field of corn in Lego Fortnite
Screenshot by GameSkinny

If farming is your main goal in the game, then this seed will be perfect for you, as you spawn in the center of a large cornfield. I’ve never seen this much naturally-generated corn in LEGO Fortnite, so be sure to check it out.

Seed: 2038472398

Double peak in the distance
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Here’s your chance to obtain the Arctic Claws and craft cold-resistant gear by exploring the Frostlands biome and defeating the Frostwolves. Note that if you decide to build in this biome, then I highly advise using the Frostpine trees, as they’re the best material in the game.

Seed: 173849283

Nice valley in Lego Fortnite
Screenshot by GameSkinny

You’ll spawn in a gorgeous valley with some incredible views all around. Be sure to carefully explore this area, as you may easily find several caves around here. There, you can find Knotroot, which is a special material for upgrading your equipment.

Seed: 987239847

A large lake with an island in Lego Fortnite
Screenshot by GameSkinny

As you spawn, turn around, and you’ll see a large lake with a small island in the middle. There’s also an unfinished structure on the other bank of the lake, which you can easily turn into your base.

Seed: 13487293

A distant icy peak in Lego Fortnite
Screenshot by GameSkinny

One of the main reasons why you should explore the Frostlands biome is that it allows you to complete specific missions for crafting endgame tools. Fortunately, you spawn very close to this biome, right in this seed.

Seed: 1047293847

A large tree on the lake island
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Spawn on a small lake with a tiny island and a large tree right in the middle. Of course, you’ll need to craft a boat first, but then you can also use it for fishing and looting the treasures of the lake.

Seed: 187238472

A lush forest at spawn in Lego Fortnite
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Forests hide a lot of secrets in LEGO Fortnite, so if you like solving puzzles, then this seed will be highly entertaining. Be sure to look out for special clues, and don’t forget to bring some tools along the way.

That’s it for our list of the best 10 LEGO Fortnite seeds. Stay tuned for more LF tips and tricks articles, including how to find rollers to get shells and how to get more hearts to increase health.

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