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Can You Play Lethal Company on Mac? Answered

If you're wondering if Lethal Company is playable on Mac, we have the answer here.

From stealing Bee Hives to running away from Eyeless Dogs, you’ve probably seen friends and content creators having a ton of fun as they try to survive long enough to get out with their loot. No doubt you’ll want to join in on your favorite platform. In this guide, I’ll cover whether you can play Lethal Company on Mac.

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Can You Play Lethal Company on Mac?

Currently in Early Access since October 23, 2023, this co-op horror game’s platform support is limited to PCs running Windows. You can see this info under the game’s system requirements on Steam. Mac compatibility has not been implemented just yet. So, unfortunately, you can’t play Lethal Company on a Mac operating system.

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With Lethal Company being a solo project from developer Zeekerss, updates are often centered around ironing out bugs and improving gameplay. At this stage, full support on other platforms or operating systems is unlikely, even for titles with larger teams behind them. Developing ports can be a headache, as they introduce new roadblocks. Since it’s so new, Lethal Company likely has a long road ahead before expanding to Xbox, PlayStation, or Mac.

Will Lethal Company Get Mac Support?

Developer Zeekerss hasn’t released an official statement about Lethal Company‘s future on other platforms. Looking at the game’s Early Acess FAQ on Steam, many answers focus on improving the gameplay experience. The dev also noted that the low price of $9.99 will probably stay the same. However, it’s said that the game “could go in many directions.” It’s vague, but console or Mac support might not be completely out of the question. However, we can’t know for sure until Zeekerss addresses the subject.

That said, console support is much more likely than a future Mac port, in my opinion. Xbox and PlayStation reach a wider player base. And while you can install Steam on macOS, running games on it can still be tricky. Just because you can play Baldur’s Gate 3 on a Mac doesn’t mean that you can necessarily do it on normal settings smoothly. For a game like Lethal Company, where you’re primarily playing online, you might run into similar struggles and possibly crashes with the extra strain on the system.

That answers the question: is Lethal Company available on Mac? For more on this fun and spooky game, check out our complete beginner’s guide and our tips on how to move furniture in your ship at our dedicated guides hub.

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