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Cookierun Tower of Adventures: Every World 2 Treasure Chest Location

Find every chest in World 2 of Cookierun: Tower of Adventures and claim your completion bonus.

Cookierun: Tower of Adventures is a new game from the developers of the Cookierun series, featuring a similar biscuit theme and even returning characters. But unlike the previous entries, this action game has a story mode and multiple explorable worlds. Worlds that are full of collectibles, including hidden treasure chests. We’ve already covered World 1, so here’s a list of all the Cookierun: Tower of Adventures World 2 treasure chest locations.

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How to Find Treasure Chests in Cookierun Tower of Adventures

The story mode of Cookierun: Tower of Adventures is full of treasure chests. With an average of four per chapter, spotting hidden chests is essential to completely clearing each map. Finding those chests isn’t too hard, but those in World 2 are certainly better hidden than before. Make sure to do the following if you’re having problems finding chests:

  • Use the level selection screen to see if you need to be on the lookout for chests
  • Keep your eyes and ears open for the red cowboy bird, which appears next to chests of World 2
  • Whenever you see an arrow on a road sign, try going in the other direction first

If you still can’t find some of the chests, the rest of the guide is for you.

Chest Location: Level 2-1

Using a platform to reach a chest in Cookierun Tower of Adventures
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Follow the path of the level until you reach a pair of moving platforms. After the first two platforms, you’ll find another couple just like the first. This time, you’ll find a red bird, too. Jump on the first platform and wait until it moves towards the right end of the screen. Jump off and walk right for a moment, and then the chest will be in view.

Chest Location: Level 2-4

Going inside a cave in Cookierun Tower of Adventures
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Go through the level until you see a red bird sitting next to what looks like a waterfall made of sand. You’ll find a white arrow on a yellow road sign next to the sand waterfall. Between the bird and the road sign, you’ll find what looks like a cave. Enter the cave going up, then right. Finally, you’ll find the chest.

Chest Location: Level 2-7

Going upstairs towards an empty chest in Cookierun Tower of Adventures
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The chest in this level uses the Peanut Hamsters that other parts of World 2 use to unlock other collectibles. Once a Peanut Hamster is freed from its cage, it will operate a nearby switch, which will allow the player to continue through the level.

Just make sure to take a right once you get to a three-way junction. You’ll find the road blocked by rolling barrels, which Peanut Hamsters will stop for you. Continue down the now-free path and you’ll soon find a chest.

Chest Location: Level 2-11

Rye Cookie from Cookierun Tower of Adventures standing next to a Peanut Hamster
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This chest is surprisingly easy to find, for one of the last levels of World 2. You’ll find a red cowboy bird sitting next to a Peanut Hamster. First, find your way to the hamster (you’ll have to break a barrier of standing barrels next to a road sign). Then, break the hamster free of its cage, then jump on the moving platform you just unlocked.

You’ll soon find the chest, but don’t go back yet. If you continue moving upwards after opening the chest, you’ll find a surprisingly well-hidden pink Bear Jellies.

That concludes our guide on how to find every World 2 treasure chest in Cookierun: Tower of Adventures. For more Cookierun: ToA content, visit our guides hub.

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